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Please HELP - Optional reading SATs Year 3 / 4

Discussion in 'Primary' started by steveybeardy, Dec 1, 2011.

  1. Thank you so much - I'll private message you
  2. Please could I have a copy of these?

  3. hello, do you still have the materials for the y3 'smells good' reading comprehension? please could you send them to me too if you do?
  4. Hi,
    If possible can you please send me a copy of this too. Would like to be prepared for covering classes next week, at short notice.
    Thank you
  5. Please can I have a copy of these too, would really help.

  6. I would really like a copy of these if you still have them electronically to send.
    Thank you
  7. naomi58

    naomi58 New commenter

    I would love a copy of the y3! naomiforton@hotmail.com
  8. Hi
    I am currently looking for these materials too...I have managed to find the mark scheme in my stock cupboard but the reading and answer booklets are no-where to be found. If possible I would greatly appreciate a copy of these if you still have them to send.
    Many thanks
  9. Hi,
    I need to get hold of the 'smells good' reading answer booklet (with the questions in) too. Can anyone help?
  10. sophiereena14

    sophiereena14 New commenter


    did you get these? if so would you mind sending them to me also.

  11. Hi, can I join the long list of people asking for a copy.
    If anyone has them could you send me Year 3 and Year 4 please.
    My e-mail is bowlesmatthew@hotmail.com
    Thank you!
  12. golf girl

    golf girl New commenter

  13. sophiereena14

    sophiereena14 New commenter

    Hi Matt

    Hope you do not mind me emailing you. Did you manage to get hold of Antartic reading and answer booklet for year 4?

    If you do have them would it be possible to email them to me. reenababy22@hotmail.com


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