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Please help need advice as I'm confused - threshold and continuing to develop professionally not sure where to go next?

Discussion in 'Workplace dilemmas' started by willettes2282, Aug 31, 2011.

  1. Hi everyone, firstly I’m sorry for the very long post but I need advice. I'm currently on the final scale of the main pay scale M6 and have been for 2 + years now; I'm not looking for a management post but would like to continue developing professionally. Last year I ask my head informally in conversation about my threshold and how I’d go about applying, but got a strange response. The only people she had past were people either in management or running core subjects, which at the time I managed ICT? In my pro management 2009-2010 we had 2 school led targets (behaviour and problem solving for maths) and I had an ICT focus, which was something like incorporating ICT into classrooms and other areas of the curriculum. We ordered loads of laptops on trolleys for classroom use, modernised the ICT suit and updated some of our software. Which supported me passing my pro management - or so I thought. I was told that I needed to lead some staff meetings, I had updated staff during meetings of the new equipment etc but never run them on my own. In pro- management 2010-2011 I was given the subject area of whole school phonics and again ICT. I introduced letters and sounds to foundation stage, worked with other schools and outside agencies and supported two new members of staff in KS1. Passed pro-management but again this wasn't enough to pass my threshold? My confidence is now at the level of none, everything I do isn’t good enough and it does help that being a small school apart from me and one other ks2 member all other staff is in middle/senior management. I had a very bad experience at my previous school when it came to lesson observations and to be honest was bullying and harassment but that’s over now. However it still haunts me and I do get so nervous during lesson obs, so that I normally get ‘good’ or mostly ‘satisfactory’ grades with majority of ‘good’ elements? With very simple things making it satisfactory (sometimes to be fair silly things - like terminology i.e. tummy instead of stomach or using mini whiteboards not workbooks). When I have questioned my head about the grading she mentions that outstanding teacher she'll never grade them as it, so I feel I'm probably being down graded to. This year my personal pro-management target will be to get goods for lesson observations, but is this a morally fair target as I feel I’ll never get it? Also next year I’m part of a team teaching KS1 unit and the co-ordinator isn't really a sharing staff member so I’m worried that it could look like I’m not fulfilling my responsibilities. All I have to do is share either the maths/literacy planning over a week and complete the Yr1 assessments (15 children) everything else she is doing. In really I don’t have a class, because the letters to parents, register etc was in her name. At the minute I’m feeling useless! Please can someone offer me some advice on what I can do next to continue developing because I feel like I'm going backwards and could look unattractive to other heads looking for new staff and there aren't many jobs available at the present time. Thank you for any support you can offer me.
  2. i'd contact your union. UPS has NOTHING to do with management whatsoever. you have to meet your PM targets 2 years running to move up, nothing else.
    i printed out the UPS targets, wrote next to each one how i was meeting it and gave that to my head. i have no TLR. however, that wasn't necessary, officially it's just one form you fill in listing all the schools you've worked in since qualifying.
    sounds like your head's just saving money.
  3. minnieminx

    minnieminx New commenter

    Not quite true.
    You need to demonstrate you are meeting all the UPS standards. Find them on the net and copy and paste to a format you can use, then show how you meet each and every one of them, and have done over the last two years. If there are any you don't meet, then make sure they are reflected in your PM targets this year and apply for threshold next year.

    Moving to UPS is not automatic, nor is moving up the scale automatic. You need to show that you meet all the standards, and if you do then your HT cannot really refuse.

    Get the application form from the net and fill it in. Get the standards and show how you meet all of them and have done for two years or more. Put it all together neatly and hand it to your head with a covering letter saying you wish to apply for threshold. If they refuse then you can appeal.

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