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Please help- My first Interview, y1 phonics

Discussion in 'Jobseekers' started by Fashion_hottie, Feb 2, 2012.

  1. Hey all,

    Finally got my first interview as an nqt :) I really need to prove myself as being in a wheelchair I have had a lot of discrimination! For the lesson I was told to do a 15 minute phonic session with a mixed reception year one group. The job is for reception. I asked what phases they are on but they wouldn't say. So I planned a buried treasure activity with all the props. Not knowing their levels I thought I'd add some easier words from phase 3, then some from early on phase 5 to cover all abilities. I practised it on my reception class where I volunteer and it went really well.

    Anyway today I get a call to say they can now tell me it'll be with year one children! So I thought that's ok, I'll just adapt it to mostly phase 5 words and encourage them to write the word on the board after hiding it, or thinking of sentences with that word. A few of ny teacher friends say it sounds really good, but one is unsure. They think the activity is not suitable for year one & they question my 'teach' section on my plans. They said I should be teaching a new sound or tricky word, whereas my teach idea was teaching them to read new words using phonic knowledge & blending (on app reading).

    I have bought all the props & practised it, so really want to keep the activity. Please can people advise me if the buried treasure activity is suitable & what should I be doing under ' teach' when I have no idea what sounds they have done? Should I just choose a phase 5 sound & introduce it, even if they have done it, then have words with that sound & others they should know?

    I really want this job, so would really appreciate any advice! Many thanks!
  2. Lara mfl 05

    Lara mfl 05 Star commenter

    I'm not a KS1 specialist but mainly phase 5 for Year 1s?
    What do you want the children to achieve by the end of the session?
    How do you plan to show children's progress?
    Where's the differentiation?
    You really need to look at these questions and get them clear in your own mind. Then be confident in your own abilities.
    By the way, don't let your disablity affect anything you plan. Ensure you prove this in no way hampers your ability to do the job and then it won't be a problem. (You have informed the school of this haven't you? In case their are steps to your clasroom for instance.)
  3. Heya I teach Reception children and the expected level for phonics Letters and Sounds at the end of Reception is phase 3

    are you pitching it a little high? Yes great for high ability but what about for low.?
    some of the reception children might still only be on phase 2?

    You could revise the sounds that they should know then teach from that, then practise them by hiding the words with that phoneme around the classroom for them to find and blend themselves? Have shopping lists with the words they have to find and blend?
    Make it practical and fun?
    how many children have you got to teach it to?
  4. Thanks for your reply.
    Yes I visited the school (always do). I just meant throughout my training & supply teaching I've had obvious discrimination and now it worries me.
    I ideally want to teach them a new sound from Phase 5, then play Buried Treasure to apply that knowledge. I'm just confused as I've no idea exactly what sounds they have learnt. So I'm thinking I should choose one from the stage they should be, teach them it. Then play the game with words with the new sound, as well as words with sounds they should already know? If they have already been taught the new sound I guess they accept that as how am I to know? I want them to remember the sound and blend it in words.

    Differentiation will be length of words, children thinking of a sentence with that word, writing the word / sentence or drawing a picture.

    Being my first interview I've no idea what to expect and I'm not used to Y1...
  5. Hey Becky,
    I only have 15 minutes so I'm worried! I found out I have to teach 15 Year One children (even though the job is Reception). Should I stick to early on in Phase 5? Then include Phase 3 words for LA? I will revise the sounds at the start, which will hopefully give me a quick understanding!
    Edit: Really?? Year one on Phase 2?? So I should include Phase 2 words? Wow, thanks!
  6. sorry meant to say year 1 children oops ignore hehe didnt read properly hehe
  7. That sounds your best bet tbh,
    ive got my interview tomorrow for a mixed REC/Yr1 class so Im a bag of nerves but mines a 45 minute literacy lesson.

    What you just said to me sounds your best bet! And the buried treasure game should be fun, www.phonicsplay.co.uk has a buried treasure game on it for free if they want you to use ICT in the classroom, When is your interview?
  8. Thanks Becky! Good luck with yours... What are you doing? Being a phonics lesson, I find it so hard when I don't know the children! Mine is Monday [​IMG]
  9. Hi came across this forum, I have an interview where I have to teach a 15 minute phonic session to a mixed ability year 1 class. I also have to use interactive whiteboard. I was just wondering how did the buried treasure game go and is it best to teach a new sound. It is my first interview process and I really want the job. Has anyone got any advice or ideas to help me?
  10. TheoGriff

    TheoGriff Star commenter

    Well done on getting the interview!

    You are not likely to get a reply to your question from the original poster - she's not here any more, as she is no longer a Jobseeker!

    And another very important thing to tell you is that it's not a good idea to take ideas from this website or any other, in case the actual Head of the school sees you asking, or sees the suggested lesson, and knows it isn't all your own work. We had a Head who actually had 4 candidates using a lesson that was suggested by someone on primary. The Head had seen it too, but even if she hadn't, she might have got a clue from the fact that all four did the same lesson!

    So our main advice to you here is to think of a lesson that you have done before that was successful and see if that could help you achieve the aims of this lesson.

    The other tip is to read the Jobseekers advice in the Blogs.

    I suggest that you read these in this order.

    f a blog is helpful, don't forget to Red-Heart it by clicking on the black heart at the end. And click on the Share icon to show it to your friends too.


    We look forward to you starting a new thread called Dear Theo - i got that job!

    Best wishes

    Best wishes for that interview


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