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Please help me to choose my ideal contraception!

Discussion in 'Health and wellbeing' started by tartetatin, Jun 13, 2011.

  1. tartetatin

    tartetatin New commenter

    Hi folks.
    I've been deliberating over this for aaages now, without having come to any actual conclusion. Time to get my head out the sand and myself sorted.
    Here are some points to consider:
    - don't want any more children, am in mid 30s.
    - already prone to the odd episode of mild depression (not on any medication though), so wouln't want anything too 'hormonal'.
    - BMI a bit too high for the combined pill. Was prescribed 'Cerazette' at family planning, but have put off starting it as have read too many negative things about its (emotional) side effects. So am basically limited to progesterone only pill.
    - thought the Mirena Coil would be ideal but not sure if I can bear something being put 'up there'!
    - periods heavy-ish.
    I think that's it. My other dilemma is that in 2 weeks time, I go abroad on holiday for the first time in years. I am really looking forward to it, but my period is pretty much due on day 1 and will last nearly a week. Is there anything I can do to prevent it coming? I understand the POP can cause random bleeding ....
    Your ideas would be most welcome. Thanks so much [​IMG]
  2. Late 20s, not had children (yet?) and on cerazette (which is a POP) as combined pill did bad things to my blood pressure.
    Have been on it for 8 years on and off. There have been periods where I have been sufficiently depressed to be prescribed antidepressants but I do not think that it is anything to do with the pill. I am fine on it now, having removed the things which were causing the stress and leading to the depression.
    I very rarely bleed, and it's usually light when I do, but they were not heavy before.
    Cerazette has the advantage that it has a twelve hour window to take it rather than three hour window before you risk pregnancy unlike other POPs.

  3. I use depo - the injection every three months, it basically works like a vaccine against pregnancy.
    It doesn't suit everyone but has stopped any 'hormonal' stuff with me, no PMT, not tears every month, no blood every month.

    On your other problem, you GP can give you something to 'bring on' your periodd, it then resets your system - perfect for holidays.
  4. marshypops

    marshypops New commenter

    May I Pm you?
  5. I can't have combined pill due to migraine, I hated the POP, and like you didn't much fancy the marina. I had the implant put in 3 months ago. Had a bit of really light spotting for 2 days then nothing for about 8 weeks. Then it was back to spotting for about 8 days and nothing again. I haven't had any side effects at all from it and it was completely painless to have put in (most people say the local anaesthetic hurts the most). Best of all I don't have to remember to take a pill every day, I just forget about it for 3 years then have it replaced if I want.
    Have you spoken to a GP or family planning clinic for some advice?
  6. Sterilisation.
  7. I agree. I was in my mid 30s when I was sterilised. Never, ever regretted it.
  8. It smarts a bit when they hold you down in the boiling water for two minutes though, doesn't it.
  9. madenglishgirl

    madenglishgirl New commenter

    Mirena coil - best thing I ever did! I used to have horrendously bad periods, but now I don't get any bleeds at all and not a sniff of any cramps or PMT...blinking fantastic!

    As for it 'being there' I can't feel it (obviously) and I haven't had anyone else, errr, complain!
  10. LOL Lily -
  11. I am on the Pill (Yasmin). I don't have too many side effects from it at all, but my friend who was on it had to change to another one as it didn't agree with her. Everyone reacts to pills differently. I suffer from horrendous periods (they used to last at least ten days and I was doubled over in pain) and while they are still heavy, they are nowhere near as bad as they used to be. I could choose not to have a period, but I think it does my body good to have the 'week off' all the hormones.
    I have thought about the coil but like you, am not overly keen on something being 'up there' lol!
  12. tartetatin

    tartetatin New commenter

    Thanks very much for your replies everyone.
    I think I'm paranoid about taking something 'hormonal' as I can sometimes be moody enough at the best of times! I also seem prone to feeling low at times (ironically, since becoming a mum in particular) but it's not that bad that I'd consider medication.
    There should be an easy answer for women! It seems that every type of contraception has its cons. Gosh, if someone could only invent a 'happy' contraceptive pill - I'd take it in an instant!
    Reckon I'll try the Mirena Coil. The thought of sterilisation gives me the willies. It's probably irrational as in theory, it ticks my boxes .... and I know that I don't want any more children. Just seems so final and drastic, but that's probably just me.
    Thanks again everyone [​IMG]
    oh and marshypops, did you mean me when you asked if you could pm? Of course you can x
  13. giraffe

    giraffe New commenter

    Don't forget the good old condom. No side effects at all
  14. unless you have a latex alergy


    ROSIEGIRL Senior commenter

    Norethisterone for holiday problem!
  16. madenglishgirl

    madenglishgirl New commenter

    I have a latex allergy and you can get latext-free condoms - bloomin' expensive though!
  17. I recently had an internal ultrasound, they put a condom on the US probe, the Dr asked me "what kind of condom do you prefer?"

    I was so tempted to say 'ribbed'.

  18. I'm on Microgynon 30 and the only noticeable side effect I've had is increased appetite-I want to eat all the time and, according to the information leaflet, this can occur so you just have to overrule your body's desire for more food-doesn't help that I've got no willpower at all!
  19. giraffe

    giraffe New commenter

    or 'some of those fruity flavoured ones'!


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