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Please help-literacy lesson based on the Very Busy Spider?

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by erialc, May 12, 2007.

  1. Hi all, i am being oberved this week by Phase Leader and would really apreciate some good ideas linked to the Very Busy Spider fr reception!
    PLease help!
    Thanks in advance
  2. We have just done the Very Busy Spider this week and I got a fantastic slide show from the TES resources and had children having turns to read the speech while the rest of us narrated. It was a good way to indirectly introduce reading speech and understanding speech in text. We also wrote a list of adjectives to describe spiders (to fit in with our spider week) and the children wrote them on spider templates for the wall. On Thursday we wrote a very simple retell and then the last sentence the children had to write whether they like the story or not and why. On Friday we sequenced the animals as they appeared in the story and wrote their names underneath the pictures (this activity was differentiated into three levels). I will try and put them on the TES resource page but if you want to give me your email address I can send them to you.

  3. Sorry! Can't seem to upload it. I've never been able to do it. If you send your email address I will email it to you today.

  4. Mrs Evans could i also have a copy as we are just about to do spiders day out from Hamilton trust but are still sewing spiders webs with silver thread and looking at the number 8 so anything to extend and motivate more learning on spiders would be fantastic

    Many thanks

  5. Just sent them through.

    Hope they help.

  6. helskie26

    helskie26 New commenter

  7. You have mail!

    I hope they are helpful!

  8. Loopy Lisa

    You have mail.

  9. nqt1 & Trig2709

    You have mail!

    Hope these help!

  10. Mrs Evans they are brilliant, Thank you for sharing them.
  11. Good Morning Mrs Evans, I would be very grateful if I could have a copy too Thank you so much in advance. We should be calling you the very busy spider! mikeandcei@btinternet.com
  12. No problem.

    Hope they help.

  13. Mrs Evans, please could I have a copy too. We are doing spiders after half term. Many thanks

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