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Please help... Is it me or....

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by teacher2b?, Feb 1, 2011.

  1. Hi,

    Doing 2 weeks supply cover at a school and today I was told it was literacy assessment day. I have done the set assessment with a KS2. I leave the school on Fri and think the school is expecting that i level all the class work. I know this is a time consuming job and as I leave on Fri it would need to be done before then.. when though!!

    Am I being unreasonable if I say it is beyond my role? Am unsure of where I stand. Is it a job for SMT to cover?

    Please advise as not sure what is the correct thing to do...

  2. Nicola120785

    Nicola120785 New commenter

    If I was in your position, I would ask the heads advice say I dont mind leveling the children's work but I leave on friday so will only be able to get done as much as possible before then. As I do think it isnt really your role, I think whoevers class you are covering should have to pick up where you left off.
    Nicola x
  3. I wouldn't level it and don't think it's your job. You're only there two weeks, is the teacher coming back after then? I would if it was for a longer period of time but not for a short period. Mark them but don't level them.
    I was on a month supply at a school doing practice SATs stuff a while ago. I marked their tests- as marking is part of the role of a supply teacher. The maths, reading and spelling were fine but I didn't mark the literacy because it was more ambiguous and involved levelling. I left that for the teacher when he got back or the other year 6 teacher, I left a note explaining my reasons for leaving it which I thought were valid, rather than just not marking it. They never mentioned it and didn't seem to mind. I didn't want the responsibility of levelling them and then that being offically recorded as it very much depends on the persons point of view and their knowledge of the child. I thought it was more professional to leave it to the class teacher and think he might have been annoyed if I had levelled them and then levelled them lower than he would and then they look like they've made little progress.
  4. They are not bk till after 1/2 term gone off sick think HILTA might be covering till then???
    Thanks for advice. It is horrid when you feel like you are the one being awkward. Not sure whether I should bring it up with staff tomorrow or just presume that they won't mention it although there are rumblings that I should do it....
  5. I don't think the school should be asking you to level the work when you're only there for 2 weeks. I also think that the school should be employing a teacher to cover long term illness rather than a HLTA (who probably won't be allowed to level work).
    I've just finished 10 weeks of cover - obviously I did level some work during this time, but I think the school are asking too much to ask you to level all the work in such a short space of time.
    I would mark it but leave the levelling. Maybe ask to speak to the head, and explain your concerns about knowing the children (knowing whether the work they have done for you is consistent or higher or lower than their normal standard of work).
    If they still expect you to level, say that you will do as many as you can before Friday.

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