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Please help - INSET on the 31st of August

Discussion in 'Headteachers' started by 666, Jun 13, 2011.

  1. 666


    Sorry for report if you have already seen this but I think this is a better place to get the correct info.

    My OH has been told today that he has an INSET on the 31st of August. Is this allowed? I was under the impression that this date is in the academic year (2010-2011) and this is for the next academic year. It's flipping late notice and we were planning on getting a last minute deal to go on holiday this week.
  2. Plead for the time to be taken in Twilight sessions during the autumn term. No other option I believe. We are back a week later than you.
  3. 666


    But is it allowed? I don't see how?
  4. Just the way the timing works out in your county. Schools usually follow guidelines from local authorities and can apply to have different timings. Holiday dates are agreed a year in advance. If you knew the end of summer term date the Sept return should have been obvious and also parents should have been told but this is a courtesy not a law.
  5. What are the dates for the academic year 2010-2011? Have the five INSET days been used up/194 days taught?
    Are there 195 days allocated to 2011-2012?
  6. 666


    The county term date is school opens on the 5th of September

    But on the school website it states the 1st of September with the 31st being an INSET
  7. 666


    This is from the school website:

    Autumn Term 2011

    School re-open on: Thursday 1 September

    Close for half - term: After school on Friday 21 October

    School re-open on: Monday 31 October

    Term ends: After school on Friday 16 December at 2pm

    Spring Term 2012

    School re-open: Tuesday 3rd January

    Close for half - term: After school on Friday 10th February

    School re-open: Monday 20th February

    Term ends: After school on Friday 30th March at 2pm

    Summer Term 2012

    School re-open on: Monday 16th April

    Closed May Day - Monday 7th May

    Closed for half - term: After school on Friday 25th May

    School re-open on: Monday 11 June

    Term ends: After school on Thursday 19 July at 2pm

    This is from county:

    Re-open on Monday 5 September 2011
    Mid Term Closure Monday 24 October - Friday 28 October 2011 (inclusive)
    Closure after school on Friday 16 December 2011
    Number of openings 70
    Spring Term 2012
    Re-open on Tuesday 3 January 2012
    Mid Term Closure Monday 13 February - Friday 17 February 2012 (inclusive)
    Closure after school on Friday 30 March 2012
    Number of openings 59
    Summer Term 2012
    Re-open on Monday 16 April 2012
    May Day Closure Monday 7 May 2012
    Mid Term Closure Monday 4 June - Friday 8 June 2012 (inclusive)
    Closure after school on Monday 23 July 2012
    Number of openings 65
  8. 666


    Why does it get rid of my formatting - it didn't look like this when typed!!!! Sorry
  9. Your Head has selected those INSET days and your governors have approved them.
  10. Contracts run from 1Sep to Aug31.
    Thus my question about numbers of days allocated to 2010-2011; if the dates are hang overs from this academic year, then yes your OH can be directed, IF for next academic year no!
  11. frymeariver

    frymeariver New commenter

    Is it that hard and fast? We used to go back before GCSE results day in Leicester because school broke up before the traditional "July fortnight" factory holiday. There was no August 31st cut off then.
  12. Just lifted this from DFE website:
    Schools must open for 380 half-day sessions (190 days) in each school year, beginning from the first term - which is to start after July.
    Nothing to say schools can't open in August!
    I think 31st Aug / 1st Sept split relates more to birthdays of pupils for deciding year groups etc.
  13. A contractual year runs from the 1st Sept in one year to 31st Aug in the next year.
    A teacehr must be available 190 days to teach and 5 days performing "may be required to perform other duties". Those 195 days must be specified by the employer.

    You CANNOT be required to do 196 days within the time span and this year (2010-2011) you cannot be required to work 195 days. Simple as that.
    It has nothing whatsoever to do with pupils, it is a contractual requirement as specified on page 129 of the STP and C.
    IF you have not done 194 days this year before the 31st Aug then you can be required to do it (but I stress it must be "reasonablely allocated throughout the year and on those days in which the teacher is required to work" (STP and C).

    Last minute notice i not "reasonable" since the common norm is to set up the calender in the June before the summer break prior to the start of the next year (after consultation with reps etc) and as agreed with ACAS.

    I know this is the case because it happened at our school the year before last. And the head had to back down, under pressure.
  14. dusty67

    dusty67 New commenter

    Looking at the dates you've posted from the school website and the county website, the school is open the same number of days as the county schools. Whist the school is opening before the county schools at the beginning of the year; it is also closing before them at the end of the year.
    Firstly, where I'm confused is the fact that the county has the school open 194 days. It should usually be school open to pupils190 days, then another 5 days of INSET for teachers making 195 days in total. Next year it should be 189 days open to pupils plus then another 5 days of INSET for teachers making 194 days in total. So I'd query that.
    Secondly, with respect to the placing of an INSET day on 31st August; technically this can only be undertaken if it is one of the 5 days from the 2010-2011 calendar. However, with staff negotiation/agreement, I don't think there's anything to stop schools from undertaking an INSET day then and then placing the other 4 through out the school year. It would have to be agreed by all staff as attendance on 31st couldn't be enforced due to it being in old year. I would suggest that as your school is starting back on 1st, this is what they are aiming to do.
    As the school is opening on the 1st, you'd definitely have to be back from any holiday by then.

  15. My county did this several years ago - actually stating 31st August as the first day of term - and it did cause problems especially where people were moving from one school to another. Contractually teachers are employed up to 31st August, meaning that those who had left a school in July should really go back for the 31st August, before starting their new school on 1st September. They haven't done it since!
  16. As I understand it, like this year, schools will have a 194 day year again due to HRH Birthday.
  17. capablanca,
    where is it written that a contractual year runs from 1st Sept to 31st August? What about teachers who start at the beginning of the spring or summer term?
    .. and just what is a "contractual" year?
  18. HRH birthday?
    Surely you are thinking about HM The Queen's anniversary.
    HRH is His or Her Royal Highness and does not refer to the monarch.
  19. In the school teachers pay and conditions of service document (a copy in every staffroom). and as Istated in my previous post.
    A contractual year is the start of one year (eg 1st Sept) and the end of that same year (eg 31st August). as are the set times for giving in notice and so on.
    This year (2010 to 2011) there were 194 days (due to that wedding) and next year will also be 194 days due to diamond jubilee (both of which required a parliamentry amendment for permission to carry them out.Whilst it is possible for the staff of the school to agree to such a thing as an extra day in any one year, it is NOT something that can be enforced as a contractual matter. (so I understand) and If you have a holiday booked which makes it impossible for you to attend on that day then theere is nothing the school or your employer cn do about it. That is what we were told, and the inset day was in fact cancelled, at our school, since the head had not bothered to negotiate with the staff who took against him on this.

    Some authorities in the north have wakes weeks and schools return before the end of August. A separate and locally agreed arangement.

    However I'd get in touch with your union on this. Don't take My word for it, I only know what happened in our school's case.
  20. fudgeface

    fudgeface Occasional commenter

    The extra day given for her majesty's diamond jubilee is on Tuesday 5th June 2012. According to my school's draft calendar we are on half term then anyway

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