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Discussion in 'Design and technology' started by joneskerina, Jun 16, 2011.


    Hi I really need your help!! I will be teaching Textiles at my school in September. This is a new department in my school so I am starting from scratch! I was just wondering if anyone had any key stae 3 schemes of work I can look at as a guideline, this would be a great starting point. Its an all boys school so any ideas on projects suited to boys would also be greatful!
    Equipment is also needed and i just wanted to know what is a good, reliable cheap sewing machine to buy? Would love Bernina's but budget wont cover the cost of the machines.Any information would be useful this is a very exciting nerve racking time and I just want to get it right:)
    Thanks for reading my post :)


  2. DO NOT buy any machines from Joy. at a school I visited recently they had machines from her that did not last a month. In fact how they past any safety test is beyond belief. Stick to reliable brands, Janome my Style are very good.
  3. We have all Janome machines and in the eight years that I've been using them, have only had one 'break'. You need to ensure that there is adequate provision to have them serviced though, as any 'domestic' machines can take a lot of stick from students! If only we all had enough money to have the seemingly indestructible Berninas!
  4. Some Berninas are also rubbish - my school had them when I arrived and they all had to be replaced as they had n unrepairable fault even Bernina said they were rubbish! Most modern Bernina machines are very unreliable due to theme being made in China or wherever only the old ones are any good. All modern domestic machines are designed to last for 25hrs of sewing (actual mechanical moving parts time) so will need a huge investment of money for continual repairs and servicing. Brother were very good but now are made in China as well. Most of the parts are plastic so they don't wear very well. We have Babylock which are great - all computerised, speed controls etc but the bobbin surround gets worn and damged and needs to be replaced - I have a set that are 6yrs old and they have worn pretty well considering i teach an average of 150 different students a week - Including 30 A'level students who sew all the time.

  5. Also - boys will love most projects - especially things they can use - drawstring bags are good. they also love cushions of any sort - we do food themed ones! Monsters (toys for younger children) i had great success with patchwork earlier this year with boys - some made patchwork quilts (by machine!!) full size for their beds. also things like fleece hats for skiing are popular or caps with logos on. have also done printed shorts and formal waistcoats. all popular. They jsut dont like hand sewing but anything related to using a machine is good, Don't forget to get them to take their sewing machine driving licence (give them a certificate etc) - this is obviously when you teach them how to 'drive' the sewing machine.
  6. Thank you for the advice :)

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