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Please help. I need an amazing activity!

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by mondoolik, Jun 22, 2011.

  1. Hi, does anyone have any ideas for an activity about the theme 'long ago'? It could be a class input then follow on activity (I have 45 minutes). I thought about looking at old toys. Sorry to be cheeky, I'm really stressed out and it's affecting my brain!
  2. have you got any old toys you could take to look at ? how are they the same / different from nowadays toys ? what are they made of ?
  3. Long ago to a young child means any part of history. How about finding out what they did 'long ago' ie when they were babies/toddlers. Alternatively ask the children to bring something from their parents' childhood and compare with their own toys.
  4. Thanks. I think I need a follow on activity. I thought about designing or making a toy. Not sure if that is exciting or original enough.
  5. Thanks Julia. It's for an interview. I think I could use part of that idea.
  6. Thanks so much

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