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Please help - could you explain?

Discussion in 'Assessment' started by silver2003, Feb 5, 2017.

  1. silver2003

    silver2003 New commenter

    i left teaching in 2013 and things have changed. I am no new to a school as a governor but currently do not seem informed on the way schools now assess and how schools prove pupils are making good or outstanding progress, when I used to teach there would be a level or sub level they would reach for good/outstanding progress. I want to make sure my school,is getting it right but finding it hard to understand how this currently works.

    If you could explain that would be great
  2. krisgreg30

    krisgreg30 Occasional commenter

    With the removal of levels all that went and now it's about meeting age related expectations. Different schools have different assessment systems that help show steps of progress with expected steps etc.
    In primary we are still then measured in terms of progress from EYFS to end of KS1 SATs to end of KS2 SATs.
  3. sjw3915

    sjw3915 New commenter

    If you taught then you should realise that pupil progress is not solely down to the teacher. In fact there is a school if thought that says it might be one of the least important factors. Do yourself a favour, stop looking at pointless data and get to know the kids and the staff
  4. Pomza

    Pomza Star commenter

    If the govs do not understand how the school assesses pupil progress, this should be raised at the next meeting. The HT will then explain to you.

    You could also arrange a governor's visit, where you meet with the Assessment Leader and they can talk you through the systems they use and show you examples.

    How could your governors possibly hold the HT to account if they have no understanding of how the school tracks pupil progress?

    Does your school/trust/LA offer governor's training? They should do.
  5. stephpupilasset

    stephpupilasset New commenter

    I agree with Pomz - It is really important that you understand how your school has chosen to demonstrate progress in a world without levels so, as you quite rightly say, you can hold them to account as a Governor.

    First step is to ask the Head to explain how progress is being measured and recorded. You can't ask them to give you figures for children making Good and Outstanding progress as there are no national progress expectations any more, but you can ask lots of other questions to determine how effectively the school is using their assessment data to monitor progress:
    How do they know if children are on track to meet end of year expectations? What they are doing about children who are not on track? How quickly are these children identified? How are next steps identified? What is done to ensure they catch up?
    How are different cohorts monitored? Are there areas of strength and weakness? How do teachers use assessment data to inform teaching and learning? How do subject leaders monitor their subject?
    How are HA children being challenged if they meet ARE before the end of the year? How do they ensure that these children are not coasting?
    Is progress evident from books? Does the SLT have a record of learning walks/observations etc. to prove assessment is effective?

    Just because you do not have any concrete numbers/levels to work with anymore, there are still lots of ways you can challenge the school to ensure that the children make the best possible progress.

    Good luck!

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