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Please help! Calling all PGCE Primary LSBU applicants who got an interview

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by InformedConsent, Feb 15, 2010.

  1. InformedConsent

    InformedConsent New commenter

  2. Hey InformedConsent!
    I'm waiting to hear back from LSBU, feels like I've been waiting ages!
    What presentation topic have you been asked to do?...I've had one for St Mary's Uni and it's not as bad as you think, they make you feel as comfortable as possible as they understand people will be nervous.
    Interview questions are pretty general: why do you want to teach? What is a teachers role/what qualities should they possess? And then they will draw on your experiences, application...so always try to refer back to what you have observed.
    Hope that helps a little!
  3. Hi Informed Consent
    Not sure if you'll have had your interview yet, but so long as you read the interview guidance notes LSBU send out, then you shouldn't have too many surprises. As for the presentation, you'll have been told it can be on any aspect of the curriculum, so pick a subject or topic you have comfortable knowledge of and search teaching websites for possible lesson plans to adapt. It's only 5 minutes (which fly by) - just ensure you fill the time well but try to avoid going over because the interviewers won't wait for you to finish. Good luck!
  4. Hi IC
    I've just been offered a place at LSBU for PGCE primary after having an interview a few weeks ago. The 5 min presentation you will be required to teach an aspect of the primary education to your group. I would look at some teaching resource websites (eg. www.primaryresources.co.uk) for ideas for presentation, but as the others have pointed out, make sure you keep to the 5mins as well as you can, it does fly by! Another word of advice, make sure what you teach is relevant to the year group you tell them you are teaching. A lot of people I was in a group with used handouts/materials etc for their 'lesson', but I would definitely recommend interaction with the group.
    Regarding the written test, this wasn't the greatest, just make sure you know current educational issues and they are hot on equality too. We got 2 newspaper articles with it, which I made sure I commented on as well - I don't know how well I did in my written test, but I just made sure that I tried to link the articles to what i was talking about. The questions in the afternoon are literally what is in the pack (the 3 - observation, mission statement and what lsbu can offer you) so just make sure you have got something to say on each question because you will need to say something.
    Hope that helps, good luck!
  5. Hi,
    I have an interview soon and I am very nervous!!!! any tips for he interview would be good!
    Does lsbu tell what to do the presentation on before hand or on the day?

  6. Hi well done...what was your article based on? and how wa sthe written task?
  7. Hi everyone!

    I had my interview last year, but deferred my place to 2011. They are really good with the interview questions and will only ask you the ones that they have sent out in the pack. When I did it, it was quite an informal group discussion where were just bounced our ideas around in a group of 4. The interviewers were really nice.

    For the written task, they just give you two newspaper articles and you have to give your opinions on the articles and their viewpoints. Last year they asked about the role of education in promoting opportunities in society (something like that anyway- you have the articles to help you, but try and put your own arguments and opinions in.)

    LSBU are really hot on equality...that's their 'big thing' so make sure you know some stuff about equality in an educational setting and have a think about how you could promote equality in your classroom if you were a teacher.

    Hope everyone's presentations are going ok...if anyone wants to know any more info about the day, feel free to drop me an email. rhiannon.matthews@yahoo.co.uk

    Good luck, and let me know how you get on!

    and big congratulations danni_barr for getting in. Are you September start?

  8. Hi Sara!

    I did mine in essay form (but think I did a plan thing at the start with bullet points, so not sure if they looked at that!) Don't worry too much about the written task.. you will have the articles there to look at, as long as you can put across a coherent opinion of your own, whilst referencing what they may say in the article, then you will be fine. There isn't much that you can really do to prepare.

    The presentation was fun (scary, but fun). Make sure you have thought about the age range that the lesson is aimed at, and make it relevant. You can always look at the schemes of work on DFES for some ideas. You only have 5 minutes and they don't let you go a second over (believe me, i tried!). You are doing the lesson to other candidates, but try and interact with them as if they are kids in a classroom (not patronising... but ask them questions, give positive feedback etc.) They will want to see that you can build a good rapport. Try and make it nice and visual and as interactive as possible!

    the face to face interview is the same as the group one...which makes it seem a little less formal. They only really ask you the questions they have already sent, but the conversation tends to branch out (we went completely off on a tangent to the point where the interviewers said it was the most random interview they had ever done!...but we all got in in that group so must have been ok!) You will obviously get extra brownie points for knowing educational issues and throwing some in during the group int.... it's tricky at the moment because of the government change and everything being up in the air, but look at TES and BBC education to get a few facts...there is no point memorizing the white paper! As long as you know some stuff like the age 6 reading tests they may be bringing in, the possible scrapping of the sports schemes, the new powers they may be giving for behaviour management. Just read a few of the articles online. I think the most important thing, rather than spewing out a load of educational facts, is to be able to relate your own experience and observations to the questions they have asked.

    These interviews are so stressful that its easy to lose your head...just try and stay cool! I was panicking like mad before mine, but they are lovely there, and actually made the day really quite enjoyable! They cant expect you to know everything about education and teaching already.. that's the whole point of the course! You just need to convey a passion for wanting to teach and show that you have the right qualities to be a good teacher....try and enjoy yourself and those will shine through!

    Sorry if i've ranted on here... I just know how nerve racking it was for me last year, and a bit of advice always helps calm the nerves!

    Hope it helps. Anything else I can do, let me know!

    Rhiannon x
  9. argh! I hate it that my paragraphs get deleted!
  10. Thanks Rhiannon09 that's great info. I have my interview on the 11th does anyone else have one that day?
  11. Mine is the 25th Jan 2011 so please feedback to me...Good luck hope you get in...x
  12. Hi Obrid I have my interview for primary pgce at lsbu on 1th. jan 2011 as well. I am so very nervous and still not sure what to do for my presentation.any ideas????sorry I am asking you too!!!!
  13. Hi Muby17...if you go on the resoucres section of TES. They have lots of ideas....hope this helps....Its only 5 mins so time will fly by......Mine is 25th Jan 2011...I am so nervous too! please feedback to how the day is ..I wish you the best of luck....

    What educational issues are you looking at?
    Does anybody know what the articles are about...?
  14. Hi cara, I have been reading lots of articles on education recently - guardian.co.uk/education and ofcourse tes website. Just reading them helps i think. that works for me. The most recent one is on Pupil Review - which is funding will be given to schools that have more children on free school meals(poor children) and less funding will be given that have less children on free school meals(rich children). I have also been reading the White Paper for Schools...has lots of information but also it is a lot to read. What presentation are you planning to do?? will surely let you know about my interview.
  15. Hi mine is 1st of February 2011, can please send me your feedback about your interview I'm really nervous!!!! Good luck with your interview....
  16. Hi , I have my interview on 1st Feb at LSBU as well- very nervous!! Any tips would be much appreciated!
  17. yep Im part of the 1st of Feb group. really nervous about the written aspect and tend to get nervous during interview so ive been reading overtime.
    Only just got my interview date and Only managing to get my primary experience this week so its all a bit rushed for me. aaaargh
  18. Hi how was your interview and did you get the place, can you please give us some feedback please...i'm really nervous about it mine is next week...
  19. good luck everyone who has their interview tomorrow! let us all know how you got on!
  20. I second Rhiannon! Good luck everybody, hope it all goes brilliantly. Keep us informed!!

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