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Please help - behaviour

Discussion in 'Headteachers' started by biscuit, Apr 6, 2011.

  1. Just had worst afternoon of my life. Love;y school, kids great, just 2 boys in Y6 playing merr hell. Behaviour perse not a big issue, just their extreme over reaction to any kind of telling off. The one lad - I have behaviour support, school nurse, parents in for weekly meetings...things are falling into place but it is still yough. The other - massive blow up today over nothing. Ended with him accusing me of calling him a psychopath and a liar, thretaning that I would get hurt if I did not move out of his way. He was v angry but again, it was over reaction to another, very minor situation. Told me repeatedly I had no right to treat hom that way etc. Called his Dad in (v understanding) who took him home a little early. I am in bits now as it really was awful and a perfect end to a perfect term in relation to these two. I am new to HT and I suppose I am scared to exclude and loathe to in many ways but what else can I do? If I do exclude next time will I lose the support of the parents/? sORRY TO SOUND SO MUDDLED AND CONFUSED BUT THAT IS JUST HOW i FEEL RIGHT NOW. cAN'T WAIT TILL THESE TWO LEAVE :( Sorry for capitals.....typing error!!!

  2. Dear Biscuit,

    I can absolutely sympathise with your situation. I too am new to headship and had similar experience very recently to the one you are describing. You should be following the guidance in your school behaviour policy. The boy who is threatening you is behaving in a violent manner and if he was in my school, that would be a fixed term exclusion in the first instance, according to the behaviour policy.

    You should not be feeling threatened, and you also have a duty of care to your staff and other pupils, I was very anxious about excluding but if it is justified then you should do it, it will send a clear message out to the other pupils as well thI at this type of behaviour will not be tolerated. You are fortunate that the parents are supportive. Do you have a 'mentor' headteacher or another head in your authority that you could discuss the situation with? Sometimes a little moral support can work wonders, reassurance that you are doing the right thing! Be sure to follow your policy, make notes and inform your chair of governors. Good luck, don't let it get you down, at least they are in Year 6 and you will soon be able to wave them off!
  3. mychuck

    mychuck New commenter

    Hi Biscuit, I agree with the above advice and would add that you need to ensure that you have got clear guidance on physical restraint especially if this child poses a threat to himself and others. You need to log everything down carefully and if other adults were present then get 'statements' from them. You should really have done a temporary exclusion for his behaviour as it merited it. I made a permanent exclusion in my first year of headship and it broke my heart but it had to be done.
    Chin up.
  4. Thanks both sop mkuch. Feeling better today. Have rang County exclusions for reassurance and they have reiterated your advice. Definitely feel more confident about fixed-term exclusions and will definitely be doing another if this happens again. The parent of the boy kept him off for the last 2 days of term to spend time with him over what had happened (Lots of other bad stuff has happened in this lads life) which has also been useful. I'm glad that I have always logged everything and I certainly will continue to do so. Really appreciate your help x

  5. "Ended with him accusing me of calling him a psychopath and a liar,
    thretaning that I would get hurt if I did not move out of his way
    If you do not punish the 'threat of physical violence to a member of staff', what message are you sending the child?
    If the threat had been made to a junior member of staff would you have temporary excluded the child to make a point? if the answer is Yes, then why are you considering not applying the same rule to yourself?
    staff and parents will have to understand that there is no place for threats of physical violence to staff in our educational establishments.
    make sure that the message to the child is clear .... making threats of violence is punishable. You may also want to consider the role of the local communtiy police officer in making a house visit to reinforce the message.


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