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Please Help! Any urgent advice appreciated

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by Henna647398393, May 22, 2019.

  1. Henna647398393

    Henna647398393 New commenter

    I am an NQT Teacher in the Early Years and have been struggling to find a full time permanent position. I qualified in 2016 and had a few temporary contracts in local schools.
    I had an interview today for a school in Kuwait and I got the position straight after my interview whilst on skype. The school does seem good, but I am unsure If I am not being wise about this. Most of the teachers are from the UK.
    I will be travelling alone and living alone in Kuwait.
    The position was advertised through edvectus ( an international teacher recruitment). Has anyone heard or worked for edvectus internationally?

    Do I need to be cautious about anything? I'm an NQT and the school offers my induction period in the first year. The contract is for two years.
  2. bead

    bead New commenter

    It depends on the school. If it is one of the good ones, (there are about 5) you will be absolutely fine and you will have a great time. It sounds as if it is one of them since they will do your QTS. If it is one of the others then beware.
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  3. Henna647398393

    Henna647398393 New commenter

    Thank you for your response. Much appreciated.

    I have been struggling to find a permanent position locally being an NQT Early Years Teacher. In your opinion would I find any difficulty finding a job here in two years time when I return as I completed my induction year abroad?
  4. bead

    bead New commenter

    I don't know about that, but some do. I have been here nearly 20 years. If it is the purple school, Green school or the new one, relax and enjoy the lifestyle in Kuwait. The NQT's here have a great time. They spend many weekends in Dubai, have a good social life in the apartment blocks and travel to exotic places on holiday. and there is always the old snake juice soaked old wrecks like me to keep them right.
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  5. numberoneteacher

    numberoneteacher New commenter

    You are not able to complete your Induction Year abroad. I taught abroad after completing my NQT year in Dubai and I found it difficult to get a permanent job. The likely hood is that you would eed to go onto supply and then get something long term from there. If I was you, I would try to establish myself a good career on the International Circuit. Teaching in the UK is going down the drain and it's not a long-term career anymore. Get some good schools under your belt, preferably those that teach IB curriculum as these are more common and then move around and earn good money. In the meantime, you can save up and get a house etc in the UK if you do return. You could even rent the house out and move back abroad.
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  6. Kartoshka

    Kartoshka Established commenter

    It might be worth seeing if the school will pass your contact details onto one of their British teachers, so he/she can get in touch and tell you about working at the school. It might reassure you to be able to ask some questions from someone on the ground.
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  7. tigi

    tigi Occasional commenter

    You are able to do induction in schools that are certified to do so. My school has done it for several nqts.
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  8. rideemcowboy

    rideemcowboy Occasional commenter

    From what I know of this agency, they do have schools of very poor quality on their books. Unlike the well established agencies, they do not appear to care of the quality of schools or candidates they recommend. After all, the regularly represent the infamous 6 letter school from Tianjin.
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  9. the hippo

    the hippo Lead commenter Community helper

    The subject of doing your NQT year in an international school has been done to death on this forum, many times, and I have no desire to resurrect it yet again. However, it does sound as afsheen1239873 needs some help.

    Yes, there are the COBIS schools where you can do your induction year and this will then be accepted when you return to the UK. That is the good news. The bad news is that Kuwait really is not the easiest place to start your international teaching career, especially if you are a single gal.

    Furthermore, there are some absolutely awful schools in Kuwait (the Blonde Bombshell springs to mind and so I hope and pray that this job offer is not at one of them.
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  10. Henna647398393

    Henna647398393 New commenter

    Thank you for your reply. I am a single woman, what difficulties would I face in Kuwait. So far I've heard many positive experiences from living in Kuwait and being a woman. I'd like to know more please so that I can make an informed decision.

    It's not that particular school. It's a school that's been running for a long time and well established. But to be honest, it's almost sounding to good to be true. The salary is 30k with all accomodation paid for. They also will do my induction year. I just need some advice, because edvectus are saying they have never recieved any complaints from teachers from the school. But how much can I trust them?
  11. the hippo

    the hippo Lead commenter Community helper

    Well, first of all, I would say that some schools do indeed give jobs to NQTs. But then, when the NQTs return to the UK, they find that they cannot get a job because their induction year was not in a COBIS approved school.

    Three thousand pounds a month is not impossible in the ME, but it is a bit unusual for an NQT. I smell a rat.
  12. dumbbells66

    dumbbells66 Lead commenter

    Cobis have 4 schools listed on their website for kuwait that are allowed to do your NQT. I hope its one of them, otherwise they are lying.

    I wouldnt get over excited about the salary, its not that great in terms of international schools, but ok for an NQT.
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  13. Henna647398393

    Henna647398393 New commenter

    I have just had a look on COBIS website and the school is not on the list. Oh dear, what do I do? I haven't signed a contract but does that happen? You could actually be lied to from an established recruitement company about one of the schools offering the NQT induction?
  14. Henna647398393

    Henna647398393 New commenter

    The exact quote of pay I am given is 2,500. If the school is not on the COBIS website would that mean I would be doing more harm than good than working abroad. As i would come back and redo my NQT year? I was sent the contract today, around an hour after the interview, and I was given the job on the spot.

    I feel uncertain now, as I do not have anyone I know personally that has taken this step.
  15. Henna647398393

    Henna647398393 New commenter

    The school is a member of the BSME membership, CIS and British Schools Overseas. Would that mean I cannot complete my induction period successfully at the school?
  16. Henna647398393

    Henna647398393 New commenter

    The school has a BSME membership, CIS and British Schools Overseas. Would that mean I cannot complete my NQT year at the school successfully?
  17. dumbbells66

    dumbbells66 Lead commenter

    Go to the COBIS website. It gives you a list of schools that can allow you to do it. Its only these schools. Just because its a member does not mean it is authorised to do you NQT.

    Its a quick google
  18. Henna647398393

    Henna647398393 New commenter

    I've just had a look. It's not on there. Do you know anything about the QTS with only assessment. Thats a route unqualified teachers can take to gain QTS. But i'm qualified, so why would the school offer me such a programme. Or is it completely false as they are not on the COBIS website?
  19. dumbbells66

    dumbbells66 Lead commenter

    They are lying to you. Run away, get your stuff together and get ready for the main recruitment season that starts in September.
  20. the hippo

    the hippo Lead commenter Community helper

    Well, afsheen1239873, maybe the school is not so bad, if it has BSME, CIS and BSO membership. We all have to start somewhere! And if it is a choice between accepting this job in Kuwait and being unemployed, then my advice would be to would grab it with both hands. Even if it is not a COBIS approved school where you can do your induction year, it is nevertheless a regular teaching job for the next year or two (or however long you want). If they are going to pay you two and a half thousand a month, then you should be able to build up your savings as well as your suntan.

    On the downside, yes, there is the uncertainty about whether or not you would be able to get a teaching job back in the UK, having worked for a few years in Kuwait. The truth is that many international teachers have this problem. A friend of mine had been teaching overseas for seven or eight years and he had excellent references from two different schools, in Qatar and Egypt. He applied for some jobs back in the UK and did not even get one interview.

    No, I have never lived (or taught) in Kuwait, but Mrs. Hippo and I were in Saudi Arabia for a year, the UAE for one year, Egypt for two years and Qatar for five. Kuwait is not so easy, in many ways, but on the other hand a good school should look after the staff and keep them happy. The other expats you will meet will probably be a friendly and relaxed bunch. You might not be single for long!

    Another way of looking at it is to ask yourself whether all NQTs in the UK have a happy time of it. Many of them don't and so they quit teaching altogether in the first year or soon after.

    I have sent you a TES Conversation thing, as well as my e-mail address and my SKYPE. I don't know what else I can do to help you, afsheen1239873. (In order to read a TES Conversation, you need to click on the little picture in the top right-hand corner of the screen. My picture is a rather embarrassing one of my wife and I having a chat in the bath.)
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