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Please help - A question for teachers in the faculty of health and life sciences

Discussion in 'Further Education' started by questionsandanswers, Jul 11, 2016.

  1. questionsandanswers

    questionsandanswers Occasional commenter


    my pgce will be in a childcare related subject..however I was wondering how teachers teaching this subject or similar subjects deliver their sessions. Is most of the lesson delivered through powerpoint?Or do you get the students to do practicals- please give some examples

  2. Mitochondria

    Mitochondria New commenter


    I teach ks3-ks5 sciences and it's a bit of both ppt and practicals. Although, you can't have a practical every lesson, so the majority of it is ppt or prezi, or any other method you prefer...as long as you're getting the theory across. Suppose it also depends on the curriculum spec, the school/college/sixth form, and how your kids learn.
  3. questionsandanswers

    questionsandanswers Occasional commenter

    Hi thanks for your reply
    I was asking because I'm going to start a PGCE this September - I feel as though I am good at explaining things, although I find it difficult to go on and on about a topic ..when just talking if that makes sense..l find it easier to have a group discussion with the class or getting certain groups to feedback and then having a class discussion etc..but would that be a problem if most of my teaching was like this??

    Thank you

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