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Please could someone offer any advice...

Discussion in 'Health and wellbeing' started by laticsbird, Nov 8, 2015.

  1. laticsbird

    laticsbird New commenter

    Hello everyone...it's few and far between that I post on here as I have been very poorly lately. I'm unsure whether this should be on Health and Wellbeing, or on another forum - I have also posted on Workplace Dilemmas just in case, so apologies if this is the wrong place.

    I have just returned to work after 8 months absence with depression, severe anxiety and stress. This was against my doctor's advice as she advised me to wait until Christmas. There are two main reasons why I agreed a return to work date. The first is financial. I had been receiving full sick pay and then half pay but we have been having real financial difficulties which was making my anxiety worse. The second reason was in that in my last but one meeting with the Head, rep from LA and my Union rep, although it wasn't said out loud, the Head and the LA guy alluded to there being some sort of assessment as to my capabilities in the profession and my duties as a teacher i.e. my job was in jeopardy if I couldn't return sooner rather than later.

    I realise now just how right my doctor was in that I would have been better going back at Christmas or in the New Year as I am finding being back at school quite distressing. I can't really explain it as everyone has been so kind and lovely to me but I just can't process the information everyone is giving me, I find it hard to concentrate still but at the same time I feel so guilty when I see everyone running round too busy to almost breathe and here I am, literally a waste of space. I just don't know what to do. Should I carry on and try to overcome my feelings of anxiety or should I go back to my doctor and tell her she was right. If I do the latter, what will happen? Will I be dismissed? If not, will I be entitled to sick pay? Will it be half pay if so or would it be full pay for 6 months and then half pay from then?

    I just don't know what to do. I feel so guilty and angry with myself for feeling this way I have started once again to become a tearful wretch. Please can someone give me some practical advice? Has anyone had any experience of being absent for a long period, returning and then having to go absent again??

    Thank you for any help and advice anyone can give me.
  2. gooddays

    gooddays Senior commenter

  3. mase

    mase New commenter

    Hi Laticsbird - I'm really sorry to hear you aren't having a great time at the moment. It sounds like it could be really beneficial to get some strategies in place to help you deal with everything that is going on. I agree with gooddays that it might be worth going back to your doctor to see if there is support in this area.
    Support for over worked teachers is often lacking and unfortunately you have seek it out.

    It sounds like the financial side of things is adding to the anxiety but if you could find a way to start dealing with the anxiety things might get a little easier on all fronts. Meditation can really help with anxiety, so I would definitely consider trying this if you're not already. There are some great apps you can download for free. Calm is one that is really good.
    Try it for a week and see if it helps.

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