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PLEASE advise on this teacher's condition

Discussion in 'English' started by Calverlan, Jul 24, 2011.

  1. Calverlan

    Calverlan New commenter

    Hi everybody,
    Im writing on behalf of a friend of mine who kindly asked for advice.
    She has a BA degree in English Language Teaching from a university in North Cyprus.
    She went on teaching English at a private language school before working two years at an international school as primary teacher.
    The new offer she got treats her as unqualified staff and denies her about 60% of the average teacher's wage. Is there a claim she could bring forward to increase her status?
    Is this BA degree not enough to be considered a teacher? Does she need a PGCE at all costs? Please give your advice, it's such a shame to see an experienced teacher lose so much despite her experience. She is not in the UK btw.

  2. If she's working abroad, my understanding is that the schools set the salaries they want. She will need to talk to her management, find out why she is being offered less and what the school is prepared to do to ensure that she has QTS and is entitled to full teaching salary for the school. Somewhat simpler in the UK: if you have a degree and teaching qualification from another country, you are treated as unqualified and paid as an instructor. You can, with your school's assistance, work towards QTS on the Overseas Teacher Training Programme - which ,as the initials suggest is OTT given that you are qualified elsewhere.
  3. A degree in English Language Teaching is likely to be quite low status. TEFL (teaching English as a foreign language) schools hand out certificates to young people, mostly students, after a few weeks' training. They then go round the world, supporting themselves by giving English lessons. It's a low pay, casual set-up.
    However your friend has experience of primary teaching.That should make her more valuable to an employer. 40% of a teacher's wage is very low if she's going to be given classroom responsibility. She probably should try to negotiate.

  4. To be entitled to a full teacher's salary, she needs a PGCE and to have obtained fully qualified teacher status (QTS) following her first full year of successful teaching.
    In spite of her teaching experience overseas, an English Language teaching qualification does not make her a fully qualified teacher in the UK. However, it may be possible for her to negotiate her salary as pay is often at the discretion of headteachers. It depends on how much they want/need her.

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