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Please advise! OCR Single Sciences tracking.

Discussion in 'Heads of department' started by Shrek, Feb 24, 2019.

  1. Shrek

    Shrek New commenter

    Very briefly put, I work in an SEN environment and have created a tracking system based on the spec for GCSE Chemistry. We then using short multiple choice quizzes at the end of each section of work, to identify areas of understanding that require reinforcement and so on. However, the powers above have asked that I create a system based on A01, A02 and A03. I have pointed out the odd flaw in this, but they insist it is done! Any advise would be gratefully received. (I have not posted my full response to this situation, so as not to bias any replies!!)
    Any responses, either positive or negative, are appreciated.
  2. rehaank

    rehaank Occasional commenter

    Do you make the short multiple choice quizzes or are these provided by the exam board?

    If you need to use the quizzes as AfL then establish which questions fro A01/2/3 (recall, application and practical/maths I assume) and then track them against their progress in these.

    So i'd have a holistic score for the main quiz, and then their individual scores for the sum of all A01/2/3 questions to please them, despite being weird and unnecessary since every test would have a different number of A01//2/3 questions?

    Or, if you design the tests, then sure there is an equal number for each or they're split according to proportions in the actual exam (e.g. 40% A01, 30% A02 etc etc)
  3. rehaank

    rehaank Occasional commenter


    For example
  4. Shrek

    Shrek New commenter

    Thank you for replying and supporting. I've been looking into ways of breaking them down as you suggested. No I didn't make the quizzes up and they don't appear to split either as per the proportions in the exam or consistently from one test to another! But I will continue to use them as AfL for now, whilst I continue to look at tracking the progress in a way that you have suggested above.

    Thanks again :)
    rehaank likes this.
  5. particlezoo

    particlezoo New commenter

    What a bizarre idea for Science. I've seen it done in English before as they are a bit more focussed on AOs.
    I'd cheat, continue doing what I was doing and report A01,A02,A03 as requested whether it matched the data or not...
  6. Shrek

    Shrek New commenter

    I have tried to explain this, but I don't think I'm being heard :rolleyes:!

    Now that's one idea I hadn't thought of!!! :D Cheers!

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