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Discussion in 'Heads of department' started by excess, Dec 8, 2018.

  1. excess

    excess New commenter

    Is there anyone here that uses the PLCs from PiXL religiously and care to share what they use it for, how they use it and its impact.
    Interested in any subject area but science is mind.
  2. tb9605

    tb9605 Established commenter

    Yes... not religiously, but I've used PiXL PLCs a lot for English, especially Language. I always tweak them, but I find them helpful for doing Question Level Analysis and then differentiation activities to target different groups within a class/cohort accordingly. They are also good for showing students their own skills based progress progress (as opposed to just the outcomes progress).

    The only year I've not used them was my NQT year, and we switched exam boards at the end of that year, so I don't really have a point of comparison - I can't tell you if results were better after using than before using them. However, I have started using mu own PLCs with KS3 writing units, to show students the skills that they require to suceed and to help target self-identified knowledge gaps/weakness, so I guess I must think that they are worthwhile!
  3. excess

    excess New commenter

    Thanks tb9605.
    I did think many more teachers or heads of department would have bought into them. This was the impression I got coming away from the PiXL conference.
  4. particlezoo

    particlezoo New commenter

    We hand them out to the students as a revision checklist for them but we don't use them as they are intended. I have also used them after assessment and highlighted areas where students need to improve.
    I have tried to use them as intended in the past but compared with other revision techniques it became quite time intensive for both myself and the students so I stopped doing it.
  5. highlandbevan

    highlandbevan New commenter

    I have used PLCs in two different schools for STEM. Both were used 1-1 with pupils in sessions outside lessons to boost grades coming up to exams.

    I was trained to test it - teach it - check it.
    Prepare a pack of questions previously done poorly
    Give pupil a question to do and mark it.
    If done well, move on.
    If not, go through how to answer the question and check pupil can do it.
    Pupil does a question and gets it right, Mark it and move on.

    Can also be done in small groups but the more pupils the less effective it is.
  6. cathr

    cathr Occasional commenter

    I am feeling out of my depth here! PiXL = partners in excellence, obviously I have not been invited... But PLCs? What are they? They sounds important.. public listed companies and pityriasis lichenoides chronica have nothing to do with it surely; Please tell me it is not programmable logic controller, that's too scary!
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  7. cathr

    cathr Occasional commenter

    Is this ground breaking?
  8. strawbs

    strawbs Established commenter

    personalised learning checklists
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