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Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by rosanna3377, Feb 21, 2011.

  1. Hi I am a student teacher(primary) currently in my third year out of a four year course. This summer I need to do a 'special placement' as part of my degree. I had the idea of setting up a free 2 week play scheme at my church in the summer holidays but I have no idea of legal requirements- am I legally allowed and qualified to set up and run a play scheme? What legal requirements are there? (staffing ratios, site requirements etc) I have worked for a play scheme for the last three years in the summer so I have experience of them.
    Any guidance would be much appreciated!
  2. First thing to do is to contact your church leader/clergy and get their basic approval, which may be subject to getting an ok from their church council etc. Then they have to clear it with their parent body, such as the diocese, superintendent etc and check with their insurers. You need to get your volunteers police checked, or only use those who have already been through CRB (like leaders/volunteers with uniformed organisation, Sunday School staff etc). Church insurers tend to be less fussy than other commercial insurers and provided you get the ok from the clergy and governing body, you are in the clear. Do all the basic things like getting parental consent forms signed, medical details of children, emergency contacts, keeping register and doing a basic risk assessment and taking appropriate measure (e.g. about locking doors, fire safety etc).
  3. thanks that helps a lot

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