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Plays for lower school

Discussion in 'Drama and performing arts' started by openshh1, May 26, 2011.

  1. I think it's great to get the kids to devise their own plays. In the past I have done 'Our big adventure' based on 'Our day out' by ***** Russell. We have taken fairy stories and adapted them and then performed them for primary schools. We have done bullying issues and also gone to primary schools. How about street theatre? Last year we did an under the sea theme using various songs, lots of fun costumes and material. Just started doing 'Daisy pulls it off' by Denise Deegan with my all girls Year 9 club.
    Have fun!
  2. I'm currently doing Adrian Mole with KS3. Let me know if you'd like me to send you the script.
  3. Wrong on so many levels.....
  4. Already have that one.... was considering Arabian nights? not sure though
  5. angelinascullina

    angelinascullina New commenter

  6. We have just completed a lower school (7 and 8) production of Arabian Nights, the RSC Domonic Cooke adaptation - last night was yesterday!
    The rights were fairly cheap from Nick Hern Publishers.
    Less bright students struggled a little with the 3rd person narritive at times, but the stories are wonderful and challenging, it made for a lovely show.

    We had 53 students, we split them into four groups so they had a 'story' to do each.
    - The main vehicle story (sharazad and sharayar) + The Envious Sister
    - Ali Baba and the 40 thieves
    - The Little Beggar
    - How Abu Hassan Broke Wind + The Wife Who Wouldn't Eat (Both short stories)
    We didn't do Sinbad the Sailor as it is written as mainly a monologue with puppets telling the story. Would have loved to attempt this, but I think would take some quite sophisticated puppetry to be truly worthwhile. Not enough time in the end.

    We have previously done the musical HONK! with our lower school, and also a short Shakespeare festival (half hour versions of Merchant, Lear, Tempest and Romeo performed site specific) both were great fun!

  7. The National Theatre Connections collections are full of possibilities.

    They are all about an hour long. Some cack in them, but Gizmo, Ernie's Incredible Illucinations and numerous others are great fun.

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