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Playing BIngo

Discussion in 'Teaching overseas' started by kevinjames12, Apr 17, 2012.

  1. Hi all,

    Just a quick question to anyone that plays bingo with their class:

    What subjects do you use it for? I would like to use it at the beginning of my maths lessons as the children love it but I have never played it so don't know how to. Embarrassing I know. So what I am asking really is how do you play it and how do you use it in your class?


  2. v12


    Teaching overseas? How's about...

    In Ku-wait - Thirty Eight
    Bang-a-lore - Number Four
    Sing-a-pore - Twenty Four
    Two fat gods - Eighty Eight

    That sort of thing?

  3. v12


    The Sultan of Brunei's Den - Number ten
  4. v12


    Vill you take ze orderz - Nummer Nein
  5. v12


    nombre vingt-et-un
  6. v12


    War sie es wert? - Nein und Nein!

  7. v12


    I never thought playing with oneself could be so much fun!
  8. missmunchie

    missmunchie New commenter

    So funny V12! Have you got any more?
    Anyway, back to the OP.
    I used bingo with year 7 (KS3) to introduce new vocabulary for Science, they enjoyed it as a starter activity.
    I use this site that generates bingo cards and will even include a calling list for you.
    This site has other options for maths and is good for younger year groups.
    I imagine with maths you could also use numbers. For example the 6 times table, where you would call out 2 x 6 but they mark down 12 on their cards.
  9. You should try buzzword Bingo in staff meetings.
    Get a list of this week's inane jargon and the first one to tick off all the words used by rambling SMT twerps gets to shout' BERLERKS!'
    It makes staff meetings and Inset all the more easier to bear.
  10. Primary maths - make up games for any of the four operations. If you have generic numbers on the game boards, you can call out pretty much any questions you want to.
    Can be used for vocab for both 2D and 3D shape, geometry (types of angles), calculations using fractions.....the sky is pretty much the limit.
  11. I just write a selection of words/numbers/symbols on the board and get students to chose 9 of them to go into a 3 x 3 grid. This works for all of the subjects and year groups I have ever taught (primary through to mature adults). I call out definitions/equations etc rather than the original word/number so some thinking is involved in the process. I award stickers/prizesfor 3 in a row, 4 corners and a full house.
  12. Hi,
    I am teaching a small group of kids. I am always searching for new teaching materials. I found a site with a wide selection of free bingo cards (I think 6 but some even have 8 cards):
    thebingomaker.comcan be found here
    They have a search in the website and I have been getting good ideas from there.
    Hope this helps

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