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Play, Create, Share: multiple choice quizzes

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by clickschool, Apr 15, 2012.

  1. clickschool

    clickschool New commenter


    Search for 'business' to find the default quiz.
  2. Or write more of a description to entice us there. Lazy advertising.
  3. An excellent site, well done. I had not come across this before and there is some really good stuff on there I'll be using.

    Thank you...
  4. You might like my (similar) site http://www.cyquiz.com ; like the other site it is free to use.

  5. Seen VioletRiga's post :)
    CyQuiz is a system for doing quizzes - it can do multiple choice, true or false and type in answers. Questions and answers can be audio, visual (pictures, not videos at present) and text. Written in Javascript - flash required for IE/Safari sound. Works on PCs (IE6+, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera), iPad*, Android tablets and phones, iPhones, Nintendo 3DS Browsers to varying degrees (browser speed being the problem - it's a bit slow on my HTC Phone, works perfectly but it's slow). Don't know about other odd browsers (i.e. some tablets) but Opera Mini can't cope. Sound not supported on iPad/iPhone (entirely Apple's fault with their idiotic design), currently working on Android tablets/phones sound but not there yet - for non sound devices a display/cover system is used as is popular on spelling systems. Quiz Editor program runs under .NET 4.0 on Windows (XP, 7, Vista work, not tried anything else, don't know about Mono Mac/Linux haven't tried it !). Finished quizzes don't care what the platform is and require nothing other than a half decent** browser. Video tutorials plus a text walkthrough to get started. Several useable demo quizzes, a collection of quiz sets divided by subject is available (mostly spellings at the moment).
    Quizzes and Games swap about, so you create one question set it works on everything with a few limitations - for example Hangman doesn't work with numbers.
    Current released games : an explore the caves game, football manager game, sorting game, whack a mole, number munching/word munching Pacman type game, chase the letters, Football/Ice Hockey penalty shootout (same game different gfx :) !), Astrosmash clone, Pair matching game, text only testing quiz and a very simple game for testing which just gives you stars or right answers. (Manager and Sorting games in Beta but work ok).
    Currently doesn't support SCORM (on the list for the next few weeks) or possibly having its own score recording/tracking system or both (result tracking is built in but not actually interfaced to anything yet). Haven't decided on this one :)
    And it's a freebie.
    * I think it works on an iPad. I don't own one, just an Android tablet, so it is tested on an iPhone (same software) and occasionally I gatecrash the local Apple store. I found one bug that was iPad specific, a really wierd thing related to caching of the same file name with different contents. Apple's bug not mine but I worked round it.
    ** it does work on IE6 but only just !
  6. dogpile

    dogpile New commenter

    Thanks for the link and the hard work!
  7. Quite humbling, an excellent resource I will certainly be making use of - especially once a version with score tracking arrives.
    Very refreshing to find a zero foot print program for a change.. I also like the fact that the games can be hosted on my own server and are not therefore going to disappear overnight.
    One possible improvement you might like to consider. Generating the content for quizzes can sometimes be a pain and it's a good learning activity for the kids anyway, so I sometimes set them to create a certain number for that weeks homework. I use a google docs form to collect their answers and that only leaves me to review what has been added then copy and paste the csv into the games engine. Works well on content generator and I'm hoping it works with clickschool as well.
  8. autismuk

    autismuk New commenter

    (entered in error)
  9. If you can email me a CSV form so I can see what you mean I can
    produce something that will do it. At present there is no easy way of
    importing such data even though it wouldn't be difficult to do.
    It could also be useful for wordlist type activities (just Hangman at the moment)
    you think it would be better to go for SCORM or a standalone system.
    I'm inclined to go for SCORM as it isn't that difficult to do - the framework is designed with SCORM in mind.
    How many people actually use (or would use) VLE based content ?

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