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Plastic butcher type doors

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by susbo, Feb 2, 2011.

  1. susbo

    susbo New commenter

    Hi all
    I read a post ages ago about the heavy duty butcher like plastic doors which are ideal fitted on the outside doorways in the reception class as they keep the heat in, the cold out and give easy access for the children. Can anyone let me have the name of any suppliers? Also how effective are they and how do the children find them? What pitfalls has anyone found?
    Thanks in advance.
  2. I think I have seen something like this in the new tts catalogue but not used them myself.
  3. Good Afternoon,
    Just wanted to confirm the previous comment. I work for TTS on the furniture side - so hope you don't mind the reply. They are available on our website at www.tts-shopping.com - the code is FU03031 for a 98.4cm wide version £99.95. When we fitted then to the nursery for our photograph the children found them quite easy to navigate through (although obviously this was just a snapshot during my visit) - but they have continued to use them - and have reported no problems to me (I am in regular contact with them) - this was 3 months ago. They have also fitted a set from the kitchen door to the outside as well. As we have only just started selling them I cannot say about any pitfalls we have had reported but the product has been available for years and has had no problems. They can be easily removed or cleaned insitu as the strips just hook over the rail. Hope this helps. Julie
  4. Wotworklifebalance

    Wotworklifebalance New commenter

    There is a discussion on the Foundation Stage Forum about these and the general opinion seems to be that they are fab. Hope that helps!
  5. susbo

    susbo New commenter

    Hi all
    Many many thanks for your help and to Julie at TTS. Here's to the end of being frozen whilst indoors!
  6. susbo

    susbo New commenter

    Just to let you know I ordered a set of these 'freeflow' curtains. Delivery time was 4 weeks but they arrived the following day! They have now been fitted and are absoultely fantabulous! They hook on and off extremely easily when necessary, they are strong and durable and wow how warm is my room staying even when the door is wide open. Thank you so much Julie and to everyone else out there considering buying some I give them 11 out of 10.
  7. We also have them - from www.freeflowcurtains.co.uk The plastic is clearer and less cumbersome than that you would generally see in a supermarket/butcher shop. Our children have no problem using them - and the room is toasty warm!!!

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