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Plans to teach in Spain

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by sunshine_desserts, Feb 15, 2018.

  1. sm1379

    sm1379 New commenter

    I would love to chat about your experience!
  2. ec_bolton

    ec_bolton New commenter

    Hi DocHolliday,

    I'd be really interested in learning about how you went about getting reconocimiento to work in the state sector in Spain, that's exactly what I would like to do and it's so difficult to find anyone who has actually done it!

    I have a degree in French and Spanish and will be getting my PGCE in June despite current circs, all being well. However my partner is in Spain and I would like to move back there and see if I can find full-time, long-term work teaching English in private schools/concertados.

    Can I ask did the reconocimiento require you to validate your NQT year or just QTS? Also can I ask what your degree was in? I don't know whether mine would be acceptable for teaching English in the Spanish school system.

    My level of Spanish is near native as I have lived there for many years so I was considering if I could do oposiciones, but again I'm finding it difficult to find any reliable information out there, also oposiciones would be extremely difficult to pass.

    Is there a way I can PM you about this?

    Grateful for any info!

  3. miketribe

    miketribe Established commenter

    You don’t need this to work in private schools. I’m not sure about concertados but I don’t think you need it for those, either.
  4. docHolliday

    docHolliday New commenter

  5. docHolliday

    docHolliday New commenter

  6. docHolliday

    docHolliday New commenter

    Hi EC Bolton

    I am delighted to help you in any way I can regarding teaching in Spain. I taught French and Spanish in the UK and then decided to look for a job in Spain.

    It was seven years ago that I applied for 'reconocimiento' and so I don't remember every step. What I do remember is supplying a letter from the UK ministry of education confirming that I had QTS. I also supplied copies of my degree in French and Spanish and my PGCE certificate. For both the BA and PGCE I also had to provide transcripts of my studies and my marks obtained from the universities where I got them. All of these also needed translations by a 'traductor jurado'. 'Copias compulsadas' are also required of the original documents.

    There are two places where you can get detailed information; one is www.naric.org.uk which is the general body that oversees the recognition of European qualifications across the EU; but the most important contact is the Consejeria de Educación office in west London (20 Peel Street). They also have smaller offices in Manchester and Edinburgh.

    If the Spanish do recognise your qualifications you will be eligible to sit 'oposiciones' or work in a colegion concertado like I do. Private schools could still employ you without recognition but they typically pay considerably less.

    Your case is a bit different from mine in that I already had QTS when I applied. Then there is the massive question of Brexit because EU regulations enshrine in law the right of the free movement of labour. That will end soon and you may have to look into a 'third country' path to recognition.

    One more thing, because my degree was in French and Spanish the ministry in Madrid decreed that I could teach 'lengua' as well as 'inglés'. However they did not include 'francés' in the recognition. I haven't needed the French but it is worth mentioning that there is an increasing demand for French.

    I leave it at that for now but contact me if you need any more help and I would be interested to know how you progress



  7. Hi, I can see this thread is from last year but I noticed you said you worked in Barcelona and wondered if you know much about working at the following schools as me and my husband are looking at applying for teaching positions there. I am looking at the British School of Barcelona, Castelldefels and my husband is applying to St George’s School Barcelona. Any information would be greatly appreciated
  8. makhnovite

    makhnovite Established commenter

    Mods must be sleeping as any reference to a school by name is sure to get their attention. But before it does - the Cognita one in Barca does not have a particularly good reputation.

    ACOYEAR8 Senior commenter

    I worked in BCN and its environs for over 16 years. While you are young and do not mind earning little and being messed around with contract wise, it is marvellous. I learned both Spanish and Catalan and embraced the culture 100%.
    I'd do it again but beware. The places you mention are geographically okay. They are quite pretty but will swell with tourists over the summer and you will not like that. I cannot comment on what the schools are like now but I do know that " British " and anything that is redolent of UK - " Buckingham-Windsor Academy" is not going to be anything like what you imagine. BCN became a place to observe stag parties, and wailing tourists whose money and passports had been stolen. I left.
    yasf likes this.
  10. cdmoore28

    cdmoore28 New commenter

    Sorry, not my schools and don't know much about them. BSB does not have the best reputation, but I've heard of worse places. The other is very new and not heard much about it.

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