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Discussion in 'Early Years' started by hyssop_puppy, Jul 3, 2011.

  1. There are as many ways of planning for reception as there reception teachers!
    I suggest you look at some of the planning resources on here. Some are blank, some are filled in.
    You would need to look at which would best suit your needs, taking into account your staffing, resources, timetable constraints, as these and other similar considerations are what male all our planning different.
    You should start with looking at the long term planning, what are your development priorities, what sort of themes and topics would you cover in a year, that do justice across the areas of learning.
    This ahould be done with a view to the principles set out in the EYFS curriculum document.
    When you have established that you can look at planning for a theme for the medium term.
    Perhaps the best thing to do if you are able is to talk to the person who was planning for Foundation before you.
  2. laconn

    laconn New commenter

    Hi newgreenteacher. I am new to reception too after 3 years in LKS2. I am also finding the planning difficult. I think it is harder as I am not familiar with the profile points so have to look things up all the time to see if it is relevant. My new school want to set up 'challenges' for the children rather than group adult lead activities. They are encouraged to complete the challenge but it is their choice. I really don't 'get it' as I am not used to reception. I know the majority will want to please and will try to do the challenge but what about the ones who never do it? Also should I be doing group teacher lead acitivties as well as the challenges?
    I have looked up some PLOD's and MTPs to help and it does help but think I need to talk to the EYFS leader to clarify a few points. Will you be able to speak to the current reception teacher about it?
    I feel like I should know more and have already asked loads of questions too!
  3. I've been in Reception for quite a while, but the acronym PLOD escapes me.
    What are they?
  4. Possible Lines Of Development (I think). You think about where your activity could lead and what the next steps might be. In my opinion, the best way of knowing where an activity might go is by watching the children using it and seeing what comes up, but that is just my humble opinion (less out of school work too - cause I do enough out of school work already).
  5. Hi i have chatted to the previous R teacher and understood what we talked about at the time I have plenty ideas for the topic- Me and My family but am struggling to get them dwn in any organised maner to show what objectives I cover I think I struggle because there s a lot of overlap if you know what I mean
    And the balance of child initiated/adult led/ group work/indoor/otdoor/enhanced/continuous provision just overwhelms me
    I hope I haven't bitten off more than I can chew LOL
  6. laconn

    laconn New commenter

    Same here! Plenty of ideas but making sure it all fits and that objectives are being met etc. Have been told the first week and a half to just see how things go spend time getting to know the children, model how to use different areas of provision and how to tidy up, daily routines etc.

    At the moment my new school do mainly child initiated but I think I would be more comfortable with group work too. So have three/four carpet sessions a day and see three/four groups a day either me or my TA whilst the other does observations etc.
    Going into another school to obverse may give you some ideas too.
  7. As far as covering objectives in MT planning is concerned I really don't worry about it.
    As you rightly point out objectives overlap, so coverage over a year is fairly well guaranteed. As long as you have some balance in you topic plan for the year.
    My EY LA consultants have devised a fairly useful MTP sheet. If I can locate it electronically, I will try and forward it or a link to it. You might also find it useful.
    Having said that, I'm rubbish at this electronic sharing stuff!!!
    And then we may all be changing how we plan it, do it, record it any minute now.
  8. Many thanks all help gratefully recieved
    Yes i attended a course on the recommendations- that mmakes sense to me it's the here and now taht I am confused with LOL

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