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Discussion in 'Scotland - curriculum' started by trolley1, Sep 20, 2007.

  1. Would also love a copy if possible.
  2. brawlassie

    brawlassie New commenter

    Hi, could I have a look at your planning? Thanks
  3. Me too please!
  4. Hi, will you share with me too please?
  5. Hi there,

    I would also appreciate it if I could have a sneaky peek at your plans too. We are currently working on numeracy in our school. i think it will be ages before it is finished but i will certainly send a copy when we've got something to show.


  6. Hi
    Would it be possible to have a look at yourCfE planner
  7. gillian2974

    gillian2974 New commenter

    I know you've been inundated with request but could I ask too please?
    staring to get that sinking feeling when comes to planning......

  8. First time using this so hope I am doing it right! Would also love to see the plans if poss.
    Thanks Marlborough@hotmail.co.uk
  9. Hi there - would you be able to send me any useful resources/planning resources that you have pls? In particular would love to see maths cfe planner. Thanks v much!!
  10. I know everyone id sending the same - but I too am struggling where to start and any start would be a help. So can you please send me any resources that might just light that spark in my brain.
  11. Hi,
    Could you posibly send me your ACfE tick sheets too. Thanks!
    My email:fionita@hotmail.com
  12. Sorry to join the band wagon but my school are currently trying to take the maths outcomes and seperate them into each Primary stage so that we can plan for progression at each stage. Anyone got anything that can help with that or has anyone already completed this mammoth task?
  13. Sorry to add to your work but could I also please get a copy? Many thanks! robert.sim@shetland.gov.uk
  14. There's a new CfE planning resource available from Eco-Schools Scotland (www.ecoschoolsscotland.org). We call them 'Outcome Maps'. Basically we asked experienced teachers to scan all the Outcomes docs for outcomes relevant to the nine Eco-Schools topics and put them on a single page. There are some teaching points and some indications of 'interdisciplinary learning'. Maps are available at all five levels and can be download (free) from the website above. They are in Word format so you can adapt them to suit yourself. Since the Eco-Schools topics are things like Water, Energy, Travel etc you don't need to be an Eco-School to find them useful - have fun!
  15. Hello,
    I was searchiong through the forums for help with planning on ACfE - woulod be really grateful if you could e mail any plans? renniem@live.co.uk
    many thanks.

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