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Planning Year 2 Phonics

Discussion in 'Primary' started by cappleby, Aug 17, 2010.

  1. Hi,

    Have always been a KS2 teacher and recently just moved down to Year 2 and there has been no phonics planning left by the previous teacher. Does anyone have any planning that they could share with me to base my planning on as i am very confused about using the letters and sounds book!

    Please help

  2. Msz

    Msz Established commenter

    I would start by assessing exactly what children know before deciding where to start
    you will also find a really helpful overview of phonics on the phonicsinternational site
    phonics play has some free planning and lots of games for the IWB


  3. The L&S book can be daunting at first look. We have now bought the LCP for Letters and Sounds and it is sooooooooooo much easier. We are even allowed to photocopy and annotate the planning, whoopie!!!! Thought it would never happen in our school, photocopying and annotating.

    The most loved book in school.
  4. clawthorpegirl

    clawthorpegirl New commenter

    Have you searched the resources section of this site as there are lots of different examples of phonics planning based on L&S and the 4 step discrete lesson.
    Talk to Year 1 teacher and see where they are up to, expectation within L&S is for most to be secure at Phase 5 on leaving Y1. If not then this is probably the place to start. If they are then as far as I know you can move straight onto Support for Spelling document (available online - google it!) which is far more straightforward.
    You might want to consider 'setting' your class for phonics if there is a wide ability range, may be you delivering to larger group and an experienced TA to the rest.
  5. If you leave your emal or PM me with it I can email you an example of my phonics planning (though will be tomorrow as am off to a friends shortly.)
    We basically do Revisit, Teach, Practice, Teach, Practice, Apply. And do a different grapheme for each family, usually over the week.
    So if I were doing the 'igh' family Id be doing
    Monday - Igh
    Tuesday - Ie
    Wednesday - i_e
    Thursday - y
    Friday - i
    During the revisit I would revisit the phoneme from the previous day, and flashcard other phonemes, and some keywords. Id teach the new sound. Theyd practice the new sound by writing, skywriting, writing with their finger on a friends back, etc. Then Id teach writing a word using that sound. Then theyd practice writing out a word using that sound. Then the apply would be a sentence using a few words with the phoneme.
    Theres lots of little games and bits and bobs to make it more fun and interesting as well. This would be an example of a lower end Y2 lesson recapping from Y1 really as further into Y2 they should be moving on to alternative pronounciations and prefixes/suffixes. It can be very complex when you're not used to it so make sure you get support from your colleagues and maybe ask to go on a course!

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