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Planning topics

Discussion in 'Primary' started by taji, Mar 3, 2012.

  1. Which subjects do you include in your topic planning? Do you just plan whatever you want or do you have show links with the NC or QCA docs? We are just starting to use this approach and I'm really confused. [​IMG]
  2. I try and have blocks for each of the foundation subjects, within the topic.
    So, for example, if the overall topic was Victorians, the main focus will obviously be History. I'll then plan a DT week within the topic - so maybe fairgrounds or similar; a geography week - looking at the Empire; a science week (or probably two) looking at famous Victorian scientists and their discoveries, so micro-organisms and the like; an art week, etc. etc.
    I then have a copy of the NC for each subject, and highlight each objective as I go, aiming to fill major gaps as the year goes on.
    The next topic might have a science focus, or a geography focus... I try and make sure that the subject allocations even themselves out throughout the year.
    The only subjects I have to teach separately from the topic (school policy) are English and maths (although obviously links are made wherever possible) and ICT, RE and PSHE.
  3. Thanks that's helpful. We haven't been asked to show how we are covering the NC objectives and I find that a bit strange. I've also been trying to link my literacy where possible. So if were doing Victorians I might do some work on info texts about Victorians or write a recount of a museum trip. Do I need to do that or am I just making hard work of things?
  4. Literacy is the most obvious one to link to your topic as it is so straightforward to do so.Your not making hard work, you are making it all more meaningful when it links well. I would definitely link all my literacy. We decide on the lead subject for our theme and then plan from this outwards. Literacy is always linked to the main theme and we usually link ICT, art, dt, history or geog, some maths, dance in PE, sometimes PSHE. I don't artificially try and contruct links though. We always start by planning from the subject that is the main focus.
    We create a big yearly plan which shows all themes, all the subjects and the NC numbers we are covering to make sure we are covering everything we should. We do this in our key stages and it takes quite a while the first time. We then make a more detail term plan for the theme and then use this document for the term plan. We use the Chris Quigley Key Skills in our planning for Foundation subjects which is fine because we have already checked we are hitting the NC descriptors in our long term plan.
  5. Well this works for me - I get a big piece of paper - write the topic in the centre - and subjects round it. Then I brainstorm with whoever else works with me in that age group or near age group. Working with someone else is a good plan - you will find loads more connections. You can then start to see ways you can bring topic into more areas.

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