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Planning Problems

Discussion in 'Religious Education' started by roving_relic, Jul 27, 2011.

  1. Hi

    I am an NQT in a new school and am trying to write a scheme of work as an introduction to RE

    So far I have sketched out a few lessons but wanted some feedback/suggestions in regards to any glaring ommissions from this crucial first scheme!

    1. What is RE?
    2. What kinds of questions do we ask in RE?
    3. What is God like?
    4. How does RE affect me in Hackney?

    Any thoughts or feedback gratefully received

    E X
  2. I wouldn't say, "What is God like?" as it makes assumptions....it might be better to say, "What do different people believe about God?"
  3. And perhaps you should also highlight, "What do I believe about life?"
  4. That's a very different type of question.
    "What do different people believe about God" is factual, empirical. We do have to define what we are talking about - are dead peoples' views worth considering, for example. But there are right answers. Basically you survey the variety of religious belief in some region.
    "What is God like?" asks for a personal view. Whilst there is a right answer, it's not fully knowable to the teacher.

  5. 'What is God like?' assumes there is a God and that might exclude children who don't believe.
  6. To an extent that's inherent in RE. A lot of atheists, probably most atheists, think the subject is a waste of time. Most atheists don't have much respect for religious cultures - if you spend any time on atheist discussion boards you'll see that most of the contributions from atheists consist of mockery or reviling of religious practices. That's not true of absolutely all atheists, of course.
    However "there is no God, this is a bad question" is an acceptable answer to "what is God like?"

  7. durgamata

    durgamata Occasional commenter

    Hello roving,

    I've been working on a Slide-Show which is called Exploring Religion - an Introduction for the past month or so - and it just 'went live' today. It begins with the question 'What is Religion?' which I explored with the Reception children in a workshop day in March. Then, taking their answers it divides them into different themes - and from there builds up to explore the God Question and offer quite a detailed consideration of our religious identity.

    One way to use this resource which I would recommend is to show it for a few minutes as a starter, up to an activity - do the activity and have some discussion or group work. Then move on to the main part of your lesson, whatever that might be.

    This is bigger than the traditional Starter Activity - but would mean that you can build up an understanding of what religion is about with time for thought and questions all through the term.

    There is certainly more than one introductory lesson's worth in this resource. I am looking forward to hearing from anyone who uses it. I aim to add some worksheets and suggestions of differentiated activities and assessment - but at least you have it here to spark off some ideas. I hope you will find it useful. (see my resources.)
  8. durgamata

    durgamata Occasional commenter

    An introduction to Religion, the God

    This is a Power Point Slide Show - but more like an illustrated book - which is designed with year 7 in mind but will have many wider applications. (I have even been thinking of non-specialist teachers who have to teach RE while creating it.) I have been completely absorbed with trying to get something together which takes the kind of questions, knowledge and attitudes of our yr 7 students seriously and can engage them with the heart of what Religion is all about. I hope you find it useful. :) DurgaMata


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