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Planning, prep and asses or not>

Discussion in 'Pay and conditions' started by gg0u91ad, Jun 28, 2011.

  1. My partner is returning to work in September on a part time basis (2 1/2 days). She is going to be job sharing and has been told that she will not be required to plan as `the class teacher` will be doing it. She will however be expected to get the resources ready and presumably do day to day assesment. The HT has told my partner that as she is not planning she is not entitled to PPA but surely if she is expected to do the last two bits then surely she is entitled. The attitude of the HT is poor from what I have seen and heard towards her staff- for example my partner has been forced to change her hours because the `class teacher should be in class at the beginning of the week because she will get more out of them`. Also was initially blamed for the classes poor behaviour when she was off at the time on maternity! She is one of the few teachers in the school who regularly gets an outstanding grade but constantly seems to be side lined. Was also wondering therefore what effect/affect (can never remember!) this all might have if she chooses to change schools as well as the initial question before I started my rant! Any advice
  2. becktonboy

    becktonboy New commenter

    The position on PPA is clear, your OH is entitled to a pro rata proportion of the PPA time, no matter how the job sharers apportion tasks. It is an absolute entitlement in our contract (assuming she is working in a school covered by the STPCD).The head can not direct how teachers use their their PPA time. Seek union advice and support to challenge this if the head is obdurate.
    Your description of the head is a sadly familiar one, sounds a bit doo-lally but short of her committing a heinous crime or falling foul of the LA the school is stuck with her.
    Impact on future jobs? there shouldn't be any at all, apart from the usual concern about the content and bias of a reference.

    ps rule of thumb affect - verb
    effect-noun. Exception to cause something to happen, bring about as with 'to effect change',
  3. jubilee

    jubilee Star commenter

    If it's a job share why is the other teacher, and not your partner too, considered as the class teacher?
    She needs to contact her Union to have their support when she makes it clear that she knows her rights to PPA time.
  4. This doesn't sound a very equal job share. It should be. Both parts of the job are being paid equally so should be doing equal work and receiving equal benefits. And have equal status.
  5. If your partner is working for 2.5 days, I am assuming that the job-share partner is also working 2.5 days. If so, then they should share equally the planning and teaching of the class and would both be entitled to 0.5 of the PPA time of a full-time classroom teacher. The other teacher should not be planning for all the lessons. Normally, job-share partners split the subjects and plan for those and perhaps one person plans the maths whilst the other plans the literacy and each delivery the other's planning. They should both be considered the class teachers otherwise the situation is not really workable between them.
    Sounds that the terms of the job share need defining more clearly and fairly in this situtation. I do not understand why one teacher (the "class teacher") is expected to plan and the other one doesn't. In any case, planning is only one part of PPA time so your partner can easily justify that she is preparing or assessing in that time.
  6. The issue of who does the planning is almost irelevant.
    PPA time is a contractual right.

  7. The other teacher is working full time but has release time for a management role. The planning that you have mentioned is very similar to what they were doing until the new HT was appointed recently. My wife will spend 1/2 a morning in another class but two days in her class. In discussion with the HT they stated that they would want the class teacher in at the beginning of the week because you don't get as much out fo them at the end of the week.
  8. To be fair to her the other teacher also has an issue with it, especially as she is management and has a ton of stufff to do.
  9. Exactly, Jubilee. In a job share, you have equal partners sharing all aspects of the job, which would incude being the class teacher and planning lessons - whilst liasing with the job share partner of course.

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