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Planning on behalf of job share partner?

Discussion in 'Pay and conditions' started by riribbgaga, Aug 5, 2015.

  1. Hello all,

    This is my first post so please bear with me as I am unsure which category this fits in with!

    To cut a long story short, I am returning to work after a year's maternity leave in September and am going to be one half of a job share. We are a two form entry school. I am to work 3 days a week, my partner 2.5 days.

    Planning has been split between myself, my job share partner and the teacher of the other class. It has been agreed I am to plan for Literacy, my job share partner plans Science and the other class teacher plans maths for the year group. This arrangement means that I would be planning three literacy sessions for myself and one literacy session each week on behalf of my job share partner (it is only one because on her other day she teaches a stand alone grammar lesson which she plans for.)

    Both my job share partner and our year group partner are happy with this arrangement (my job share partner has only ever taught a different key stage and is not confident in her knowledge to plan for this year group) However I am not convinced that a) it is going to work in terms of continuity/communication as we do not get any hand over time and b) in terms of my workload as I do not think I should have to plan for someone else!

    How can I go about getting my point across that I am not happy with this arrangement professionally and without sounding petty?
  2. chriszwinter1

    chriszwinter1 New commenter

    You say, "It has been agreed .....". Who agreed?
  3. It had previously been agreed between the 3 of us but upon reflection I am not 100% comfortable with the arrangement.

    ROSIEGIRL Lead commenter

    Are you going to be teaching science? If you are, your partner will have planned a lesson for you, won't she? And as for planning for someone else - if the other class teacher is planning maths, that's 3 lessons that you don't have to plan from scratch. Looking at maths and English alone, you will be planning 4 sessions a week, out of a possible 6 (on the 3 days you are responsible for).

    Job shares are tricky (I know I've done one!) and there's always a problem with planning and making that aspect of the job fair and effective. We agreed to try one way of doing it for the first half term and then review it. Luckily it worked well for us and for the children - don't forget them in all this!

    With no handover time, we used to communicate by email, text and notes in a shared diary - it's not ideal but you have to find ways round the problem.

    Communication is crucial - so if these issues are really worrying you then you should say straightaway at the start of term or it will niggle away at you.
  5. TheoGriff

    TheoGriff Star commenter

    One of you is working 3 days. The other 2.5 days.

    Unless you have a 5.5 day week, you will surely be in school together at some point in the week?

    Best wishes


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  6. Hi

    I have worked in 3 different primary schools (not in a job share, although we have had job-shares within our year group at times) and we have always shared the planning. Each head teacher has insisted that we use the same plans for consistency. Usually we rotate every half term, so that the load is shared evenly. It seems to me that however you and your partner plan, you will have to have tight communication about what has been taught, as well as assessment information about children. Others have made suggestions about ways to do this on the other forum, but the key to the success of this year will be tight communication, as well as flexibility.
  7. Thank you for your response Rosiegirl. I am not teaching science as it is taught once a week on the day that my job share art we is in school.
  8. *job share partner!
  9. Thanks Theo-we are both in school on one afternoon a week but won't see one another as we have alternating PPA, so when one of us is in PPA the other is covering the class then it swaps over the following week. As for talking after school, the day that we are both in school our staff meeting starts straight after school and we then both have to leave straight after to collect children from childcare.
  10. carol95

    carol95 New commenter

    could you use lunchtime on the afternoon you're both in for a quick handover? You could ways suggest rotating planning responsibilities termly if you feel you're getting a raw deal. Having worked part time I would say flexibility is important and you will always do more than you are contracted for as the need to communicate with your partner adds extra work but is essential to fulfill the role.

    Hope you enjoy it, it can be liberating.

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