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Planning maternity leave-help!

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by ladymarm, Feb 20, 2011.

  1. Please can i have some advice?
    I have my MATB1 form now and think i need to give it to my employer no later than 15 weeks before due date? Do i give them the original? Will i need copies for anyone else to see?
    Also is it at this point i need to decide a definite date to begin maternity leave? And do i have to tell them when I hope to return at this point? if for example I choose to go on mat leave on 1st May 2011, would the last day possible of my leave automatically be the 30th April 2012?
    Sorry lots of questions! Quite baffled by it all.
  2. You do have to say when you intend to start maternity leave in the letter but you don't have to say what your return date is. However you do legally have 52 weeks so the last possible day will be a year from when you start mat leave. I photocopied it for me but sent the original as as far as i can remember, nobody else needed it.
  3. Thank you, that's great clematis.
  4. I would just whizz off a couple of copies of your Mat B1 form for you to keep, just incase, Ladymarm. I have some which i'm thinking I might need to send off to student loans to defer payment whilst i'm on my mat leave etc. Your employer will want the original copy.

    If you give a start date of 1st May and then change your mind you can notify your employer of the new date you wish to begin your mat leave. You just need to give them 28 days notice [​IMG]
    Good luck with everything
    Beaties xx
  5. Hi beaties! Hope you are well- on maternity leave yet?!
    I want to work til the end of May but Whitsun is the last week of May/first June so was thinking of putting 6th June as first day of leave (ie first day after Whitsun). If i go off a week before I'll miss a weeks pay, if that makes sense.
    If i find i've been too ambitious and that I need to go on leave earlier, do i just tell my boss? I am thinking i may not be able to give 28 days notice if i just get too tired towards the end.
  6. Hello Ladymarm,

    How are you? It's so lovely to read that you are planning your maternity leave- how exciting. I've enjoyed keeping up to date with your pregnancy through the forums. Hope you're enjoying a restful half term.

    Lots of love

    Your buddy Ann xxxxx
  7. perfect sense- i put the first day of spring term but left at xmas! I think you can start maternity leave early if you get signed off by a doctor? Not sure if there is a less extreme way to do it but after a certain time if you are off with tiredness/illnesss that is pg related you can start mat leave early. when are you due?
  8. Thank you Clematis. i am due third week of June. I am hoping 3 1/2 weeks mat leave will be early enough. but i guess you never can tell!
    Ann! I have been wondering how you are! You have gone very quiet. Are you feeling anxious? it is so hard not to panic about everything second time round after a miscarriage. If you are lying low for a while but ever want to chat please send me a private message. would be great to hear how you are doing xxx
  9. Aww Ladymarm that's very kind of you I might do that. I'm quiet at the moment as I'm not quite brave enough for the Aut 2011 thread yet. I'm not too anxious, trying my best not to think too much about being pregnant. So tired at the moment I'm sleeping lots. Feel a bit rubbish today so that's comforting. Anyway sorry to hijack your post - nice to 'talk'.

    Ann xxx
  10. Please do Ann- you are not hijacking. i understand about waiting to join a new thread. Please contact me if you feel like it.
    Hope you have half term now and can sleep lots and relax x
  11. So glad you asked this ladym, was thinking exacty same questions. Thanks to who ever it was that reminded me to defer student loan.x

  12. Chica77

    Chica77 New commenter

    I didn't defer my student loan, but once your pay is less than £1200 a month they don't take it out of your salary anyway. Well, that's what the county council told me when I phoned them up and I didn't have to pay it once my pay dropped to just statutory.
    My son was due on June 6th and I had planned to work until half term, but then i changed my mind and went off 2 weeks before half term. It was a shame to lose out on that week's pay, but i'd had enough. I just wrote and informed the school. This time i'm working until the Easter holidays when i'll be 37 weeks so I don't miss out on those 2 weeks of pay! I didn't make copies of the MATB1 form either time, and no-one else has needed it, and if for some reason I desperately needed another copy then I could've asked the midwife for another I suppose.
  13. I hadn't thought about deferring the payment of my student loan - are you allowed to do this? Do I just write to the student loans company to inform them? I'm starting to worry about money (or lack of it!!) when on maternity leave, so postponing payments for a while could really help.
  14. Hi Ladymarm, I am not on mat leave yet. I begin my leave on April 1st and baby is due just under four weeks later [​IMG]
    With regards to student loans, I think the repayment of them varies slightly depending on when you took them out. I am currently paying back the loans I started taking when I began my undergraduate degree in 1997. Once I had graduated I didn't start paying them back until I qualified as a teacher (several years later). Every year they would send me a deferment form and I would send it back with wage slips from my then job to prove I wasn't earning enough to afford the payments.
    It was just a thought that finacially it might make sense to see if I could put a hold on the payments for the six months that I am on mat leave-it would mean we would have an extra £100 a month. I took a photocopy of my mat b1 form incase they asked for proof of my pregnancy. I am going to give them a bell tomorrow so i'll post my findings if anyone is interested.
    Hope everyone on half term is enjoying that Sunday feeling and that all of your bumps are doing well.
    B xx

  15. Chica77

    Chica77 New commenter

    I didn't get a loan as an undergrad, I just got one for my PGCE course in 2004/5 and i started paying it back when I started my teaching job, and it comes directly out of my salary.
  16. A wise move, I feel like I may be paying them back forever [​IMG]
  17. I didn't know you could defer student loan payments- like Chica mine come directly out of my salary and I didn't pay them for the whole of maternity leave. Might look into that as with an LO already I have even less money to spare this time round- thanks!
  18. ladymarm - take advantage of the hols - I put 1st Nov would have been 36+1, half term was the week before so I had the advantage there! I did go into labour at 35+6 and had LO day before my mat leave started. I am never early for anything so don't know how that happened!
    also the school can start your mat leave from 36 weeks if you are absent for any reason - don't know when your due date is? and if you want to return to school before the 52 weeks you just give them 28 days notice
    Annangel - I didn't join winter 10/11 thread until after my 12 week scan - so I am completely with you on that one

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