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Planning INSET DAY and need help...Anyone?

Discussion in 'Professional development' started by TeachingCat, Aug 6, 2012.

  1. Hi All

    I have been tasked with planning an INSET morning to motivate staff and encourage the use of a wider range of active teaching strategies.

    I am new to the school and don't know the staff. As part of my role is to coach members of staff on improving their teaching to outstanding, I need to make a positive impact.

    Can anyone offer me any advice as to how to introduce myself, activities, structure... ? Please?

  2. Hi there. What kind of school is it? Age range, class numbers, size and profile of the school?
  3. Hi there. Sorry for previous questions - I was looking at your previous posts and thought you were going to a school in Lagos! You may not know the school, but start by having a look at their T&L policy to see what they say they're doing already. I would make a big part of the session interactive, so you couldn't be accused of being "the new bod" simply "preaching" at them!
    For your background info, have a look at suttontrust.com/research/toolkit-of-strategies-to-improve-learning/1toolkit-summary-final-r-2-.pdf There are also some excellent resources at teaching expertise.com/teaching-learning Jackie Beere is one of the best practitioners (we have had her at school delivering inset) - google her and you'll find lots of practical, active tips and resources.
    A focus on independent thinking and learning is a must for your task - P4C (philosophy for children) is brilliant for this, and will ensure that the staff are actively engaged. It's great fun, too! Look at philosophy4children.co.uk and sapere.org.uk I have a PDF P4C handbook with clear explanations and lots of practical activities. If you're interested, let me know your email address. Good luck!

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