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Planning in Reception

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by clareworsley, Sep 2, 2012.

  1. I know I am probably been very dim here, but I am just bemused as to how to begin my planning. I'm expected to provide med term plans and I used to use the early learning goals as my objectives, which meant that I didn't have to be too specific ref the activities until I got onto the week ahead. This worked very well as I could ensure that I could fit activities into my short term planning which were relevant to the children and still met the objectives on my med term plans. I am now totally confused as to what objectives I should be using, the early learning goals are too advanced to be looking at just yet, and I have been told they are only to be used as summative assessment anyway, so I have started to use the Development Matters statements as my initial objectives beginning with the 30-50 month statements. I am a fairly experienced Reception Teacher. I also want to get it right as I think my school will be getting a visit from OFSTED this term! What objectives are other Reception Teachers using for their medium term plans please?
  2. cinderella1

    cinderella1 New commenter

    Im not reception and I have used the 30-50.. If i was you I would also use the 40-60 as all your children will be 48 months and some this month will be 60 months and comeNov Dec 60+, that way with 40-60 (and there are a lot less DM's) your meeting their needs and you could use the 30-50 for your children who are not yet within the 40-60 instead of having to use the lower ones.
    This is just what I would do, others prob will be doing just like you. Ive put all on my medium term plan, then will highlight the ones covered (lets face it we tend to cover all every term), but then will highlight the others as covered over the term. :)

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