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planning grids for mixed Y3,4,5,6 all statemented class!!

Discussion in 'Special educational needs' started by apegirl30, Aug 15, 2011.

  1. Hi everybody, really struggling to come up with a useful planning grid to use with my class this year. The 13 chn range from Y3 - Y6, autistic, adhd and mostly levels 1-2. All statemented! Has anybody got any useful examples they could let me have a look at and use! I will have to end up doing daily indivualised plans for the whole class at this rate![​IMG]
    My email is girl_interrupted27@msn.com if that helps!
    Thanks in anticipation!

  2. Would the maths track back planning be any good for you? It is medium term planning for special needs children/classes and covers P levels to Y3 on one sheet. There are also sample lesson plans in the SENCo Training Pack that might be useful.
  3. RJR_38

    RJR_38 New commenter

    This is my class!! 11 P7-2A children from Y3-Y6.
    There was nothing much around when I started planning so I made up my own. For afternoon/topic work I sat down with the Curriculum and split everything up into topics/areas and did a 4 year cycle so that we all do the same work differentiated appropiately.
    Literacy - we do the same as a 'normal' class. Legally there isn't many specifics you actually have to cover in English so I make sure I plan a broad range of text types and differentiate as you would with any other class.
    Maths - this is more time consuming as the levels very so much. I plan 3 completely separate lessons for each session and an adult teaches each group. So each group has a mental activity, input, individual activity etc like you would do fo a whole class just on a smaller scale. This way I get to work in-depth with each child for one week in 3 and the TAs write detailed evaluations for me the rest of the time.
    If you message me your details I am happy to send you my first few weeks planning for next year (they will be far from perfect though I am sure!) - I remember how hard it was knowing where to begin as I didn't find anyone who could help.
  4. I used to use the Cumbria and Lancashire mixed planning grids found at www.cleo.net.uk Hope this helps.
  5. LBaggley

    LBaggley New commenter

  6. Aw thank you, that would be very kind of you! My address is girl_interrupted27@msn.com


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