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Planning for reception... where do you get your objectives from????? HELP!!!!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by katrina1609, Mar 15, 2012.

  1. I have been teaching reception since January and have been working along side a teacher who is very 'old school' and I'm not sure that she is using the most up to date planning advise.

    Can anyone tell me when planning for the week where do you get your objectives from? Should I just be using the 6 areas of the EYFSP learning goals? Or should I be using objectives from elsewhere?

    I hear that some people make up their objectives, is this ok to do? How would I then link this back to the EYFSP?

    Is anyone using 'curriculum guidance for FS?'... this is from 2000 so not sure it's still valid but she is insisting I use it.

    If you couldn't already tell... i am very confused! HELP!!!
  2. Curriculum guidance for the foundation stage (pink loose leaf file) was superseded by the EYFS (2008) which is a card folder containing among other things the statutory rules and the practice guidance for the foundation stage. The practice guidance includes the development matter bands (age bands from babyhood to age 60+ months). The old pink folder starts at age 3. The development matters bands in the practice guidance also contain the early learning goals, which correspond to the statements 4 to 8 of the profile. It is all going to be changed again soon, and the EYFS has been archived, so in a sense we are all 'old-school'. Teaching documents change, but children don't. Most people take their objectives from the Development Matters, and their assessment points sometimes come from the profile, as that is the assessment document.
  3. Thank you! That's a great help to me and now have a good understanding which documents I should be concentrating on. I'll get my head around it all just in time for it all to change again!

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