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Planning for NQT job

Discussion in 'New teachers' started by Lucy222, Aug 15, 2011.

  1. Lucy222

    Lucy222 New commenter

    To all the NQTs out there - how much planning have you done over the summer?
    I don't think I'm going to be able to do any until I go into the school the week before the children arrive. All I've been told is that 'Health and Fitness' is our topic for the first term and this is for all subjects. But I don't know what I should be doing in Maths, P.E, History.
    Should I just wait and see when I get into school, or am I missing out on something here?!
  2. I am the in the same position as you, NQT no planning done and I am starting to stress!
    Are there any other teachers in your year group that you will be planning with? If so I would wait and meet with them, but in the mean time you can be getting all of your other classroom bits prepared.
    Good luck!
  3. I'm in the same boat too, all I've been given is an outline of topics, but no actual guidance on where to start.
  4. lucywig

    lucywig New commenter

    I'm in the same postition and starting to worry a little. I'm not how much planning to do. A tip I have been given is its a good idea to put class lists and any previous grades you have on any students etc into an excel document that you can then use for grade tracking and so on. Dont know if that helps?!

  5. I've done absolutely nothing and made a point of ignoring work until about this week; I'm aiming to get about a week's planning done because I don't know the kids yet and I want to see how they operate out in the field first. To be honest though I'm not going to lose much sleep about the first week in terms of what I'm teaching I want to focus more on getting routines right and making sure the kids know how I roll.
  6. Hi, I'm an NQT starting in sept too. I have read on this forum that a week is far too long to let the kids settle in and adapt to a new routine. Experienced teachers say that the children will assume you'll let them have an easy time if you don't start teaching lessons from the first day - not saying this to worry you, just so that you are more prepared! I plan to have a morning of settling in and establishing rules only and then teaching properly from then on.
    If you know the topics you will be teaching and want to plan before sept, you could use the QCA site as it covers ICT, D and T, Art and Science. There are also loads of examples of planning for topics and num and lit in the resources section on TES too, which I found helpful.

    Good luck.
  7. I am SO glad I found this thread! I'm starting my NQT year in Y6 and have not planned a thing! My mentor (and the class' previous teacher) said we would go over things the few days before the children start but to me that seems really late, I feel like I should have already sorted so much out already!

    Very glad to see I'm not the only one in this position!
  8. OMG sooooo pleased to have found this!!! I have been losing sleep the last couple of nights! Ive had a relaxed summer but now stressing. Mainly because I feel the school have been very poor with me, as they have currently told me nothing! I originally got told I would be part-time until January and just be covering part time but last min few days before they broke up I got told I am now poart time until October. BUT after those hols I will be having my own Year Two class and have been told NOTHING!! nothing about HOW they plan, (different schools have different policies etc dont they?) what topics they will be doing? No class lists, how many etc absolutely NOTHING. I was initially assuming they were thinking of filling me in during my first term as a part timer..but I dont think its fair that while ive had all this time over summer to sort some plans out/classroom things that I havent been able to. What do people think and or what would any of you do in my shoes?? xx
  9. I am so glad I found this too. It's all I have been thinking about, lack of planning and not sure where i'm going with it and no input from school. I'm going to start planning science, art etc.from the standards site. I've done all my classroom so at least that's one thing out of the way!!!
  10. If it's any consolation to any of you - I'm an NQT and I don't even know what year group I have yet, so I still can't start planning!
    I'm in a brand new school that only opens on 4th September, and said school is outside the UK, so when all the staff fly in next week (let's not get started on how scared I am about that, ha ha!), we're having an induction period in which we meet up with our KS partners (I'll be teaching KS2, that's all I know!) to discuss strengths, weaknesses and therefore who gets what year group and topics. We'll have about a week of very intensive planning for the first half term and then luckily we'll be able to do future planning at our own speed!
    (It also means I'll have this amount of time in which to get my classroom ready, make resources, buy things etc - still, at least I won't be able to claim boredom!)
  11. gld202

    gld202 New commenter

    I finished my NQT year in January but I wasn't lucky enough to have the summer to plan.
    I got my first job through doing supply and took over from someone who left with stress. It was a very uncertain time and I didn't know whether I was on short term supply/long term supply or taking over completely for about a month!
    So to have the luxury of the summer I'd say do as much as you can. You will have so much other stuff that you never thought of that the more you do now the better you'll feel.
    My advice would be to do medium term plan so you know where you're going. If your doing a topic based approach then choose your topic and do a spider diagram of ideas for each subject area. (obviously if you don't know you're age group this will be harder!!).
    Use the national strategies stuff for maths and literacy- they are a good starting point and will ensure you cover everything you are supposed to. I would also say look at the QCA schemes. I know a lot of people frown upon this, and you definitely shouldn't use them as they are. But for a very busy NQT trying to find your feet they are a good starting point for you to take the objectives and add your ideas to.
    I would say spend time on the first day with getting to know you and rule setting but that is enough- spend a week and you'll really struggle to get them into a routine.
    If you can get into your classroom that is a big help - change backing paper for displays and do lots of tidying, printing and laminating.
    And try not to panic (easier said than done I know) but the most important thing to remember about teaching is, you will never get it all done - don't kill yourself trying.

    My first class were year 1 and I know have mixed 1/2 so if anyone had that age group and wants to know more please ask. (not thatI'm an expert, but I'll try!)

    Good Luck
  12. gld202

    gld202 New commenter

    *NOW have year 1/2 so if anyone HAS that age group*

  13. Im a secondary science NQT and have done 3 weeks worth of planning, I was told to get the first 6 weeks done but I can't see that happening!

    Good luck with it!
  14. Hi all, I am a MFL NQT & totally stressing about the planning!! Seems such an obvious question 'how do I plan?' that I don't want to ask my mentor as I think I should know the answer! I have schemes of work but I feel like I have forgotten how to plan (I had a gap year after PGCE) just not sure how to start planning for so many lessons (even the first weeks worth) Help!!! argh, 2 weeks to go!

    Any advice please??!!
  15. MFL NQT here too, I'm starting with name games, then classroom commands (good for playing Simon says). I'll then move on with "proper" lessons. I plan on doing a name game with all my classes to help me know them better. For non Y7 who should know commands, I've prepared a grid with topics written on them, then I say for exple "un chat" and they have to put it in the right topic (ie: les animaux). You can also do a quiz, or ask them to give you the name of a celebrity and brainstorm a french word with each letter. That's for the first lesson. I am planning on getting going straight after that.
  16. anyone an NQT starting in a reception class this september? i'm starting at a 3 form entry school and i've been given a topic web which states our learning journey topic and which key strands within the 6 areas of learning we are going to cover this term. i've also been given some brief plans as to what the first few days will involve (the children start staggered also)...do i need to plan anything?! i think all three of us reception teachers will be planning together every other monday so even though i'm worried i'm not doing much planning i feel like it could be a waste of time if i do? i haven't really had many opportunities to speak with the other teachers about it as i was given the job at the end of the school year...panicking!?
  17. Hi.

    I will be an NQT in a reception class within a foundation unit this September. I haven't planned anything yet as myself and the other reception teachers are going to plan the provision together next week. I have started thinking about my first weeks phonics planning but im not 100% where to start. We aren't teaching 'formal' lessons in the first week though as we want the children to get to know their environment as it is a brand new school.

    I am not sure what I need to be doing in terms of classroom preparation and displays yet either as I haven't seen the school or my class space yet. I have done quite a few bits and bobs such as peg labels, visual timetables but not quite sure what else I can do. Am I really behind???? Hopefully I will have more of an idea of what to do when I see the unit.
  18. I am an NQT and have obviously been very lucky with the support from my school, and have managed to get quite a bit of planning done. I found that doing a Yearly Long term plan of subjects to be taught (eg. Unit A1 and D1 for Maths in term 1) and see how they best fit in with the over-riding themes. School seem to understand that Maths usually cant fit into the theme very easily (except data handling, and time which fits nicely into certain themes). That way you know you have covered everything you need.
    I would also say that you need to talk to your head or mentor about your concerns, they were NQTs once upon a time and obviously saw something in you to give you the job and are probably waiting for you to approach them.
    Good luck!
  19. Hiya,
    I have realised that every person and school is different and the amount of planning you have (or havent!) done reflects this. There's no point comparing yourself to others coz it will just stress you out! As long as you are doing the best you can in your situation, thats fine! Some schools have everything planned out for you and others say do what you want. As long as people have ideas about what they want to do generally, planning is just that, a plan. I think we NQTs get worried thinking we have to have everything sorted in advance but in reality that is never going to happen.You could have spent all summer planning, met your class and find it isnt appropriate and have to re-do it all! xx
  20. Hi all
    Seems i've been lucky in securing schemes of work from my school. You should be asking questions of the school if they're not preparing their teachers to properly and confidently do their job, surely?
    I've done a table with the lesson number, the LOs, the starter, development and plenary then any homework to set. I know the department also has a shared area of resources which contains lots of presentations but i'll be relying a lot on mine too.
    I reckon the school is also expecting an Ofsted inspection within the first few weeks so i'm aiming to get my boards backed and full of juicy content.
    For those of you who haven't done too much and feel worried then id I were in your shoes i'd be going in to my new school asking for work and ask the other teachers for help too. On the other hand, I have friends who have spent all summer planning and preparing. I'm not one of those people and that's not my style, but if they have then fair play to them. Just don't burn out.

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