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Planning for information texts in year 3

Discussion in 'Primary' started by Baked Alaska, Apr 4, 2008.

  1. Could you relate it them to the topic you are covering at the moment?
  2. We're tying it together with our Ancient Greece topic, making dictionaries, class thesauruses, that sort of thing. We'll pick up on the note-taking skills bit from the non-fiction unit earlier in the year and try and cover it in a bit more depth too, I think (I don;t think I taught it particularly well first time around).
    It is a bit scary not being given anything to go off whatsoever isn't it. I decided to track back through the old Lit Strategy and see what references it made to info texts in Y3. Whether that's the right thing to do or not, I'm not sure, but it at least gave me a big list of objectives to go off.
    Good luck with it!
  3. Hi I have used animal books for the first week and they have made leaflets about animals. next two weeks we are going to be focusing on wolves - adapted plaaning from literacy matters and will then plan my last week. I agree there was not much guidence.
  4. Can anyone explain how this unit should differ from the report unit? In the overview it says a lot about persuasion?!?
  5. we completely ignored the persuasion bit and revisited reports so that the children could make books related to the Romans which they absolutely loved. We are catching up with persuasion in guided reading.
  6. Hi
    Thanks everyone, I am hoping to link it to my geography topic 'our local area' but have only just moved into year 3 so would have appreciated more help on the framework. 4 weeks feels like a long unit!!
  7. I saw the bits on literacy matters but I know they wrote reports on animals so they need a different topic!
  8. How reassuring! I thought the mention of persuasion (but only in the context of discussion I think) seemed a bit odd. We're doing Aztecs and chocolate, so we've been looking at info texts for that, and we did some impromptu discussion about how we could persuade people to buy our own chocolate bars, which I think we might take a bit further. Now I'm wondering whether I can face actually designing and making chocolate bars - testing them, yes...
  9. So some people have done reports. Would it be ok to do explanations?
    I'm thinking reports out rainforest plants/animals. Explanations - how is chocolate made? Where does chocolate come from? Persuasion - why should we protect the rainforests?

    would these fit into this unit?
    Sorry being thick
  10. I'm sure I'm being a complete dummy here but which overview are you referring to ilovemarmite. I'm looking on the primary framework site and can't seem to find anything at all there. Am a bit concerned that I've planned something massively wrong now.
  11. Or me.

    Is anyone willing to share their planning for this unit? Is so annoying that they haven't done this in as much depth. Does anyone know if they're going to in future?
  12. NeKo

    NeKo New commenter

    Am struggling to plan too. Tried linking back to year 2 & 1 (as low ability class) no examples for year 2 information text & year 1 looks too easy! I've decided that because QCA tests are coming soon I would use this time to reinforce different text types so will focus on alphabetical order & dictionary type work, look at note taking (producing sub-titles, captions) & layout of reports, comprehension questions etc. all linked to history topic. Then next week with only 4 days take the same piece of information & try writing it in 3 or 4 different ways, although not sure what or how yet. I would like to do something on persuasion so may try to fit this in that week instead or do in afternoons as part of the topic work. Does that help at all? Am now off to write it up.
  13. I'm finding this unit really hard! There's so little guidance! I was going to do a couple of lessons from Hamilton's Trust, but I'm not keen at all; so having seen your replies to this thread, I'm going to get them to produce powerpoint presentations (in groups) about their own choice of topic...hope it's right!!! Then, when they have finished their presentations, we can look at persuasive texts.

    Do you think this sounds OK for a top ability literacy group?? Is it similar to what you did in the end?

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