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Planning for first year of teaching as an NQT-time saving tips please!

Discussion in 'Primary' started by stewartk89, Aug 29, 2011.

  1. stewartk89

    stewartk89 New commenter


    Calling all experienced primary teachers!!

    I'm in that panic just before the start of term where I'll be teaching for my first year and I was wondering how much planning I should have realistically done by now? I also wondered if anyone had any tips to save time or be more organised as I'm terrible at keeping on top of marking etc. and seem to get myself bogged down!!

  2. harsh-but-fair

    harsh-but-fair Lead commenter

    Welcome to TES, sam

    ROSIEGIRL Senior commenter

  4. stewartk89

    stewartk89 New commenter

  5. CB123

    CB123 New commenter

    Don't plan too much as you will often find you will need to replan as the children are not quite where you expect them to be and so you end up doing double the amount of work
  6. dependent on age of your kids, get them to mark their own work with you (maybe in some plenaries) and stick their work into their books. or if too younf, while you do the input get a TA (if u have one) to stick in the work for you. have a communication book so that any extra adult in your class always has jobs to do so you can work together. finally, don't panic! and enjoy :)
  7. Marking - this is what I promise myself I will improve on every year and never do. This year I plan to:
    * remember to mark during the lessons! I spend ages discussing the work with the children at their table, checking their work is correct etc, and forget to do the actual ticking or comment writing. Then I spend hours at home repeating in their books what I've already said to them. This WILL change this year!
    * mark for x amount of time at lunch. I tend to potter around and not get much done before I go for my lunch so I will use this time better. 10 minutes or so of really focused time at lunch will save me a lot more time in the evening when I'm tired and everything takes longer.
    * where possible, have the children mark their own work. I often don't do this in maths as I think it's too tricky as each group is doing a different activity. However, even if just one group of 6 children marked their own, it's still 6 less books for me to mark later :)

    Hopefully I will stick to this myself this year!
  8. Ladykaza

    Ladykaza Senior commenter

    Nicky , I had the same problem as you, forgetting to tick or mark books when I spoke to them..... Then I bought myself a 'verbal feedback given' stamper. Genius
  9. minnieminx

    minnieminx New commenter

    If you prepare an answer sheet in maths for each group then it works well. Just give the sheet to the group and leave them to it.

    For maths I don't mark the group working with me, they write 'worked with teacher' in their book. Same for TA group. One group will be doing practical work, so no marking there. At most one or two groups to mark, but often they can be given an answer book/sheet and sort themselves out. I just skim and comment.
  10. ilovesparklythings

    ilovesparklythings New commenter

    May sound petty but get them to leave their books open at the page you need to mark so that all 30 books are at the right age. If you added up how long it actually took going through all books to find the page bet it will be quite a lot!!
  11. My pet hate and most time consuming task was filing work. We have 3 folders for work not done in books, as I'm in Y1 I didn't trust the kids to put it in the right folder after marking so spent ages and ended up with piles of marked work waiting to be filed.
    Last year I put the kids folders in their trays and put a coloured spot (same as the colour of their folders) onto their work when I marked it. The chn then filed their own work into the colour coded folders while they were having milk. This saved ages and the chn actually enjoyed doing it. Will definately be repeating ot this year.
    Also chn had their own packs of whiteboards, pens, phoneme frames and board rubbers in a plastic folder in their trays. Saved so much time and fuss when they were needed.

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