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Planning and the ridiculous expectations.

Discussion in 'Primary' started by impulce, Jan 23, 2011.

  1. I am not at all surprised to see someone defending this position maryedwards21.
    What does surprise me is that someone with such a poor command of spelling and grammar has risen to the dizzy heights, after a mere eight years in the profession.
    Return in another twenty years and we'll see how you feel then ........... if you last that long!
  2. Im only in my 3rd year and am already fed up enough of the paperwork trail to justify teaching this thread!
    I do wholeheartedly, 100% love my actual job though. Actual job being the teaching bit!
  3. Amen to that!
    Unfortunately this message needs broadcasting to your fellow Headteachers.
  4. Lol "Justify teaching this thread"!? And that was before I started on the wine.
    Justify STARTING this thread.
  5. I'm glad you clarified that Impulce....was a bit baffled and couldn't work it out!
  6. greta444

    greta444 New commenter

    Ha ha, thank God for Fridays!! My weekly planning takes about 2 hours and is now 8 sheets. I don't have to include lots of sh*t on skills VAK etc although our poor student teacher does.
  7. clear_air

    clear_air New commenter

    Eeeek! After 10 years at home with my own little ones, I'm starting to worry about the advisability of returning to the classroom....

    I don't even understand the acronymns!!! Argh!
  8. You know I said I thought it was only a matter of time until our head introduces G&T box on the planning- he just did! Agh!!!! I think the point that we are asked to always do something new but never to stop doing something is very true!!
  9. oldsomeman

    oldsomeman Star commenter

    An interesting thread to which i heartly agree mainly.As a teacher of 30 plus years we managed to raise a whole generation of kids in schools without all the paper work ....and the great problem arose witthe arrival of the NC.
    Having said that i still find the amount of planning a real pain inthe rear........especially when much of it is not ,in my opinion, necessary! Indeed we used to spend in the old days ages preparing as there was no internet in those days to help........and today i still find myself spending ages preparing for the kids, based not upon the paper work i have to fill in , but the work they need to achieve. I work to annote the plans at the end of the day!
    At present we are requuired get the kids to write one extended pece of work each week.........mmm even in poetry?yet what does that prove if the kids are unpreparedfor it and asked to write the extended writing wit little preperation in yr3?
    We then have to write out all the kids who achieve/fail for each subject in a teacher book.....not on the sheets.......which is my practicce to do. ...which is yet more writing and then to say how we are going to remedy this.......what /Even when next week is a different area and subject?
    To prove the point i wrote my plan on a scrap of paper ,,,,found the resources( the benifit of supply is you have many dodges) and the lesson went brilliantly...and i never used the plans( hardly do anyway) because i knew what i had to teach and was prepared and adapted to the kids along the way. Hwever , it was only to prove a point and the lesson plans are done to turn away the wroth of the head and the LA advisor !
  10. I'm an NQT who is officially burnt out. I am sitting here, trying to summon up the energy to plan, with a sofa cushion at my back because it has finally given up on me. I have 3 young children of my own and having worked a term and a half in a school which, with the shadow of Ofsted looming as it is below the floor target in its SATs results, the pressure is being piled on us. Each week in lengthy staff meetings there are more personalised targets for me to do, new planning forms to use, extra teaching responsibilities. Meanwhile, each day I face a class with a large number of really badly behaved boys whom I have yet to conquer. The lethal combination of pressure from above and crowd control from below is leading me to breaking point. I was a healthy, fit person before starting my training year last year, but a year of unrealistic expectations by a training provider, plus this unrelenting schedule and my back has finally screamed "No". I've only just managed it out of bed... but where have I managed to stagger to? My desk. To plan. For tomorrow. Exactly how I will get in, I'm not sure. But I'll do it.
    Sorry if I'm finding it hard to remember what led me to retrain for this vocational career.
  11. I completely agree! I think the official term is "jumping through hoops".
    I think the problem is that some people have a knack of making others feel guilty if these "new" ways of working aren't followed!
  12. No; it's "ticking boxes while jumping through hoops".
  13. clear_air

    clear_air New commenter

    Ooooh! G&T box! Where can I get one of those?
  14. OfSTED and some heads will be looking for the actual learning happening in class though and if the children are engaged in their leanring rather than what's on your planning sheet! Our school is also a mad planning place but more so, they want to see the learning magic taking place! I too am frazzled with the amount of paperwork expected these days which is probably why this doesn't make sense - bed time! lol. :0/
  15. That first post could have been me! *Insert appropriate expletive*!
    So tired - I'm sure I'd be a better teacher if I had more sleep but I'm doing planning instead =)
  16. in our school its not the planning that is the problem necessarily- we have ppa to do it and that is not too bad- until recently no-one looked at it - it was kept in a folder in case it was needed - OFSTED etc. part of my job as assistant head is to look at it and feed back to head/SLT but just recently our head is taking to look at everything - topic planning / books/ lessons - observations almost every week for something! we dont have time to organise brilliant resources for every lesson but get criticised if we dont use a variety of different phonics activities / mental oral activities and work differentiated at least 3 ways
    on top of this we all have curriculum areas to resource and monitor and provide support and insets for - all on half a day out of class a week
    i am sitting here absolutely knackered and wondering why i am still working at 10. 45 at night!
  17. Bring all this up at the next meeting, minus the emotion but including the fustration and the frazzelment that you are experiencing.
    Ask for more regular observations and written feedback on your performance, then ask for a pay rise or more planning time or to just be left alone.

  18. The Red Heron

    The Red Heron New commenter

    I think the key thing is how much time we spend thinking about teaching, reflecting, analysing, responding, anticipating, delegating, mentally preparing etc, this is obviously not written down, I honestly spend 15 mins driving to work thinking about the day and 15 mins going home reflecting.....as well as ongoing through the day
    I have seen so many students fail because as experienced teachers we make the job look easy sometimes due to the amount of prior thinking put into it, they just expect to swan in, and teach
    My strongest point is the time given up to processing and forward planning mentally, this impacts on every area of my job, thats why my LSA will be finding resources on a Monday morning which I need on a Thurs afternoon etc
  19. "My strongest point is the time given up to processing and forward planning mentally, this impacts on every area of my job, thats why my LSA will be finding resources on a Monday morning which I need on a Thurs afternoon etc"
    There's lucky, having someone finding resources for you!!! not all of us have that luxury...
    I would rant a bit but we cant even post a moan now cos we have staff in school who will report us to the Head (and have been told we cant moan in the staffroom anymore as its not professional) so I'll just have to 'lurk' and have some comfort in the fact I'm not alone...

  20. roddywoomble

    roddywoomble New commenter

    As an undergraduate overburdened by uni work plus ridiculous planning expectations for school, I can see nothing positive about this career anymore. I can't have this as my life for the next 40 years, can I?

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