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Planning and the ridiculous expectations.

Discussion in 'Primary' started by impulce, Jan 23, 2011.

  1. <h1>Manx Tiger- OMG!! I cannot believe the planning requirements at your school. They do sound truly pointless. I thought ours were pretty comprehensive. We do plan on set formats & planning is monitored every term or so & feedback given. Sorry font has gone massive, I will sign off & try again!</h1>
  2. Right, try again!! Let's see if this stays small! Manx Tiger- your planning requirements sound awful!! I thought ours were pretty comprehensive but on the whole quite useful but I know our head is angling for the G&T box on the plan as G&T is on the school development plan and not a lot has happened re it.
    I was observed the other day & was told it was an outstanding lesson but one criticism was that I had done a starter ( to a literacy lesson) but hadn't recorded or told the children the starter's WALT. Obviously I recorded the main but in general I don't for literacy starters as they are linked to the areas of VCOP & I didn't think we had to be prescriptive about it. It is also a new thing we are including to raise standards & focus on weak areas. The head even said it was pretty obvious what I was doing. Unfortunately I didn't say anything to raise objection about that and am now wondering maybe I should have. The other half of me was thinking .. ok if I am observed again for Literacy I will record the WALT for the starter but do I want to do one every day? Er no....... so I am a big old chicken eh!!! Opinions please!!
  3. zannar

    zannar New commenter

    I play the game and often add retrospectively to plans. What is the point in spending hours planning something that will inevitably change? Children ask questions and I don't want to stop their eagerness by saying, "sorry, really interesting point, would love to expand on that but it is not on the plan, will not involve differentiation, G and T, Focus groups, or achieve the LO/SC for this particular time of day".
    Ok, I will need to cover the objectives and I will but give me eager children who are learning something any day. My children aren't interested in the LO. They know this will become obvious and we can check this at the end of the lesson(s). Sometimes I don't want to tell them. I want them to tell me what they have learned, not to just repeat what is written at the beginning of the session because its what they think is expected.

    Oh and having too plan to tell the children of possible dangers and safety aspects of scissors, sticking stuff up noses etc, etc. Please ! We do this daily with common sense, does it really need to be written into the planning?

  4. kghaye

    kghaye New commenter

    Ditto!! I lasted 25 years and handed in my resignation just before Christmas. I too remember the golden days where the children's needs came first (not the heads), preparation was fun and teaching even more fun!
    We had a new head start in October and the madness began. I told her I was not prepared to do the paperwork because it benefitted neither the children or me.
    Trust no longer exists. Poor teachers are very easy to identify without excessive planning/assessment to try and 'catch them out'. It targets the wrong teachers, demotivates the good ones and leaves yet another whole in yet another school when children lose popular teachers who really care about them.
    I too am moving to pastures new, still working with children but in a capacity that allows me to prepare in a motivating and challenging way.
    Headteachers need to get real, back off and celebrate inspirational teaching.
  5. Well said! I have had this debate in my school many times and am still not being heard. Generally when you are an experienced teacher you don't need to, and shouldn't have to, write reams. Lucky for you that you are not under constant scrutiny. Unfortunately in my school I am and a lot of teachers are getting sick and tired of silly, petty comments. We need some positivity - we all work so hard.
    As you said, if we were trusted that we could actually teach without writing everything down we could get on with the job that we are paid to do. Instead I generally feel tired and worn out as I have to spend late nights and/or weekends making sure I've included everything that the people who don't teach tell us we have to include! Madness!
    Does anyone else have to differentiate 6 ways: above average, average, below average, SEN, EAL and G&T? And then write a separate plan for guided groups - one for the teacher and also one for the TA?
  6. Very interesting, given the recent evidence of how the results of the work of the current generation of teachers have dropped us several places in comparison with other countries where the only job of a teacher (no TAs) is to teach.
  7. Milgod

    Milgod Established commenter

    I love it!

    Post of the year IMO. Let's get the award handed out now.
  8. A mensa member but you can't put forward a coherent argument without constant expletives?
  9. Amir10, you might indeed be a member of MENSA, but your high IQ clearly does not automatically equate to a high level of professionalism. To pepper your message with so many profanities is titally unnecessary. Perhaps if you acted more professionally in your workplace, you might find that other staff have a greater level of respect for you - there is far more to being a good teacher than quizzes, games and chocolate.
  11. Milgod

    Milgod Established commenter

    The chocolate bit was the part I liked most! I now know that all I need to do to become a good teacher is buy chocolate and have the children like me. Fantastic news!
  12. Too late :)
    But can we please get back to the thread? It was getting good until the Mensa guy waded in. In fact, this has been one of the best threads EVER on the Primary Forum. MisterFibble deserves an award for the best post of the year, but there are quite a bunch of great posts here.
  13. I agree. Very good posts by misterfibble.

  14. lucylollipop

    lucylollipop Occasional commenter

    I agree. Sack Gove. misterfibble for education minister!
  15. missied

    missied New commenter

    Just got feedback from latest observation - I was seriously let down by the fact I didn't annotate Weds lesson! It didn't matter that I'd spent hours on Weds night planning and re-planning, sorting out resources etc for the observation in the first place. It does make me wonder why I bother!
  16. Wotworklifebalance

    Wotworklifebalance New commenter

    Oh dear! I do feel sorry for some of you. Just a word of encouragement - there are fab sensible heads out there.
    I went to see my head a couple of weeks ago to talk about my planning burden - and I don't have to jump through most of the hoops that some of you poor peeps do, but I do have to plan for Reception through to Year 2. She told me to sort out my objectives for a block of work (e.g. 2 - 3 weeks in literacy) put those on a sheet of paper, plan to the objectives for that block, highlight the objectives when they are done and that's it.We are due an inspection so she must be confident that they aren't going to complain about it.
    We are lucky that it is such a tiny school that she knows that planning is going on because when she is in (2 days a week) she can see evidence of all the lovely learning going on. When she has a job that she doesn't want to do (such as reviewing the SEF last week) she appears in my room like a bad smell to talk to and work with the children.I started to get paranoid last week as she was constantly in the room - then I worked out why she was there and made her work for her "relaxation" by doing some reception observations for me. She was happy as a pig in muck!
    They aren't all bad!

  17. inky

    inky Lead commenter

    What an amazing thread.
    Why don't we all just demand officially sanctioned lesson scripts that will reassure paranoid HTs and satisfy government requirements?
  18. I sympathise entirely! Each new initiative only adds to the amount of time it takes to plan. Nothing seems to actually be taken off the list of must do's.
  19. inky

    inky Lead commenter

    Could you please clarify?
  20. nick909

    nick909 Star commenter

    I'd just like to point out, after a month or so of avoiding the primary forum having got fed up of all the sniping and bickering, that this thread is fabulous. I'm particularly enjoying reading the nonsense spouted by the AST. I shall merely get the popcorn in and watch the spectacle unfold, however, rather than enforce my opinions on everyone.
    As usual, misterflibble, your posts are a joy to read.

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