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Planning ahead

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by cupcake80, Jan 16, 2011.

  1. My co-ordinator sounds exactly the same as yours, someone who has been doing the same thing for years and years and sees no reason to change as we have always had positive feed back. They are however beginning to see the light particularly as they recently went to an LEA meeting where a number of other co-ords were doing the exact same thing that as I was trying to explain to her plus they had good Ofsteds thats backed it up. Maybe you could show them some examples of how progress has been made by children etc
  2. We are in Wales, so may be different to you (are you in England?). Our MTP are skills based, so we can cover the skill regardless of the topic that the children have shown an interest in.
  3. I'm in the Midlands.
    At the moment we having been doing work centred around Handa's Hen and the children have been doing alot of counting work with lots of independent counting opportunities around the classroom. We have noticed that alot of children have been using language centred around calculating and therefore I have decided that I am going to cover calculating activities during this next week but if I was to work like my co-ord is I would be moving onto shape which although I am planning to cover again. I feel like I should 'strike whilst the irons hot' with calculating
  4. choralsongster

    choralsongster New commenter

    Hi, I'm the Co-ord in my school, and had to put my foot down this year with the Headteacher. I was expected to be doing formal primary Lit & Num lessons (ORT & Scholastic Maths unit plans), and the formal MTPs for these, as well as a general MTP, blocking out weeks for themes/mini topics. I had not written in objectives, although I was making sure that AoL coverage was there.
    Since October I decided to try going more with the children. I still have an idea of mini topics, but it is all flexible, and I ensure I leave gaps in the termly planner.
    The Head was initially very hesitant, so I agreed to forward her a copy of each MTP for mini topics in a mind-map format. I had an EYFS Adviser have a look at my plans (weekly and MTPs), and she agreed there was a higher level of creativity, and more links to the children's interests. Although I have found the planning takes a lot longer at the moment, I am freer and enjoy the process much more. The children are working at a very high level, and I now have more time for observations of child-initiated play.
    Go with your heart - if you know your kids well enough, you'll know what works best with them xx
  5. Thanks Coralsongster I definately feel like I am doing the right thing and until I am told otherwise I will do it this way. I think the next hurdle will be the Lit co-ordinator as they wants to see MTP for the term but I will just hand the planning in for the theme that has been done and the theme that we are on at the time.

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