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Planning a baby

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by mrsT1990, Aug 4, 2015.

  1. mrsT1990

    mrsT1990 New commenter

    Hi everyone, I have a slight dilemma, probably something silly but I'm sure I'm not the only person to have had this.

    Basically I'm 25 and have been happily married 2 years. I have just finished my NQT year in the same school I did my second placement and have been moved to a new year group this year on my own request to try something new. The school have been very accommodating for me and seem to have a lot of belief that I will do well in my career and therefore gave me lots of responsibility in my first year.

    My problem is that me and my husband have decided to try for a baby at the end of this year (2015) so If all went well I would be on maternity at the end of next year (2016) but because they are being so good I cringe at the idea of telling them I'm going on maternity leave. My husband's attitude is very much 'its your life they will just have to deal with it' but I find it harder because I feel very passionate about my job.

    I think because of my age they see me as young and enthusiastic to teach etc so I'm scared I will loose their respect.

    Has anyone else been in this situation before?

    Thank you :)
  2. DaisysLot

    DaisysLot Senior commenter

    It would be illegal, and considerably irrational, for an employer to 'lose their respect' because an employee became pregnant. Schools are well adept to dealing with folk going on maternity leave and indeed everyone is replaceable.
  3. fairy78

    fairy78 New commenter

    I agree very much that it is your life and you should do what you want when you want. My thoughts (feel free to ignore): One - you're young and passionate. Although a bit of a cliche, once you have your baby, life will truly never be the same. You may feel completely differently about your job and ambitions (I certainly did - I longed to be with my baby and cared much less about my job and career - although you may not of course). Why not do another year before having a baby? You could establish your career a bit more and then it would be easier to go back to after maternity, if that's what you plan to do. However Two - although I hope very much this is not the case for you - you may be trying for a while to get pregnant (a year is not uncommon). Whilst I conceived very quickly the first time, we've been trying almost two years for baby 2. So you may not have to worry about feeling awkward anyway. Good luck deciding x
  4. chloelsmith1992

    chloelsmith1992 New commenter

    I'm in your position too. I have just finished my nqt year and want to start TTC. As we have finished nqt year and therefore have completed one years continuous service then we are eligible for full maternity rights and pay. I also feel the way you do about telling your employer as both of us havent been working in our schools for long. Like fairy said it can take a long time to get pregnant so could quite possibly not be pregnant until next year...

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