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Plan, do, review - Y1

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by teejay100000, Feb 21, 2011.

  1. [​IMG]
  2. You don't do any whole class teaching?
  3. I find myself feeling incredulous that the idea continues that little children plan their own education for themselves!
    Is this what you mean?
  4. Hi whowhatwhy
    My school have worked this way very successfully for manyyears and working with focussed groups of children has proved really effective. We do not however do pure CI in Y1 - Y6 we have challenges that the children know they must complete by the end of the week. The children have a book where they will record what challenge they are about start and they will also record how they managed this. We have regular review times when children feedback, and so do the adults, on the challenges, on what they have found out and how they feel they have managed the task. The challenges are to build on the skills we have worked on and are giving the children the chance to put into practice what they have learned. By the time the children are in the junior part of the school they are very independent and self motivated and it is amazing just what they can do and how far they can challenge themselves.
    We have over the years looked at Belle Wallace's work with the TASC wheel as well as Guy Claxton's Building Learning Power and we have developed what works for us.
    So I would suggest you try the recording again as much for the children as for whoever has suggested it to you. You will also find it useful for your own assessments of the children.
  5. That sunds really interesting. Do you have any example planning or challenge exemplification that you could send or upload please?
  6. Thanks for the stuff you sent me, I have been unwell and only checked in on that email account yesterday.
  7. F.A.O Pat Dewar
    I am not normally in the habit of joining in long lists asking for copies but this is something I am very interested in. i am hoping to take my E Years experience into Y1 and am looking for as much support as possible from those who have already tried and tested it. Please could you send me a copy of your timetable/plans and anything else you think might help me on my own learning journey.
    Kind regards

  8. this sounds very similar to the high scope principles, which im sure you know more about (im still a student lol) just thought it was worth a mention, im starting my pgce early years in sept very excited but equally as scared!love checking out the tes forums x

  9. oops...I forgot to leave my e-mail


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