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Placements at school for own children

Discussion in 'Primary' started by geordiepip, Jun 11, 2012.

  1. Hi,
    Someone has told me that your own children will get a placement/priority at a school you work at - does anyone know if this is correct? She said she was told from someone else and wasnt 100% that this is now or happening soon?
    I'm asking as I currently work as a TA and its hugely inconvenient to not have my eldest daughter start (which she is this Sept) at my school (as I travel some distance to work so she isnt in their catchment). If I could get her in my school then it would be so much easier. On a TA wage its difficult to now contemplate having to pay a childminder to take her to and pick her up from school (as her catchment school also dont do breakfast or after school clubs!).
    The school I work already has a lengthy waiting list as its one of the best in the area.
    Any info would be greatly appreciated.

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