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Placement- session on class rights/ responsibilities- any ideas?

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by MoraMe, May 7, 2011.

  1. Hi-
    I'm just about to start my final placement in a year 3 class: I wondered if anyone has any ideas, or knows of really good resources for finding them
    One of my goals for this placement is better behaviour management. I sort of wanted to do the stuff I would do if it was the start of term: outlining my expectations early on, and also get to know a bit about the children.
    Anyone have any ideas of what I could do for either? I have a lesson and a half timetabled for this on my second day. They have a display on the board about rights responsibilities, but wanted to do something interactive, where they can take ownership of it.
    Also, I've noticed that, as a beginning teacher, I might need a more visual system for sanction/rewards which I could introduce then. Do you think its ok to do this? Any ideas? ( eg the traffic light one for minutes of ' golden time')
    I'm being greedy, asking so many questions, - but any ideas , greatfully received!
    Many thanks in advance
  2. I think I agree with the above - changing it now will lead to confusion.
    However ... if you are determined to do something then I would, as a starting point, hand it all over to the kids. Ask them to come up with what they think are fair rules (or "rights and responsibilities" if that's the language used at the school). I did this once with a really troublesome class and I was surprised by how seriously even the badly-behaved kids took it. I think the key to it was that I said that once we'd finished the rules for them, we'd look at rules for me.
    Some really interesting things came up in the "rules for Sir" bit ... including "more high-fives"!!
    I'm not saying that they were angels afterwards, but they were a lot easier to manage, mainly because a) I had a set of rules which we agreed on collaboratively and b) I got to learn a lot about how they think and WANT to behave.
    PS - overall, the rules we came up with were, in essence, the same as the pre-existing school rules and probably the same as are in place up and down the country.
  3. Sport22

    Sport22 New commenter

    in my last school their behaviour policy was the UNICEF rights respecting school act, google it and it provides alot of info on what you could do.
  4. Thankyou both for your advice on the rights/ responsibilities. Both really handy p[oints about taking ownership of rules and also UNICEF; Combined with the TES resources I was able to plan some decent lessons! Thanks!

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