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Place your bets - 2012 KS2 SATs Writing Predicitons!

Discussion in 'Primary' started by missblack86, Feb 18, 2012.

  1. Yes, but we cant open them :S
  2. I thought we could take the tests at any point up until the end of June (if you are doing internal marking) so surely you can open them at any point? I could be mistaken as our head doesn't pass much on :(
  3. groovyshell83

    groovyshell83 Occasional commenter

    It still doesn't say whether the internal papers can be opened when they arrive though does it?
  4. Twinkles

    Twinkles New commenter

    Page 3 of the ARA

    An internally marked writing test which will be distributed to schools in February
    2012. This can be taken at a time of the school’s choosing before the end of June
    and should be administered under normal test conditions.
  5. groovyshell83

    groovyshell83 Occasional commenter

    I understand and have read that but can it be opened this week if we don't intend to complete the test until June for example?
  6. groovyshell83

    groovyshell83 Occasional commenter

    We recieved the papers today with the administering tests guidelines. It is so ambiguous. In one paragraph it says that teachers who use the test materials to prepare children for taking them should take in to consideration that the results might not be wholly accurate and in the next paragraph it says that there should be no reason to open the tests before the test is taken. HOWEVER it still does not say if they should be opened or should not. Surely someone will do the tests before June and then tell people what is in it! It makes no sense to me
  7. groovyshell83

    groovyshell83 Occasional commenter

    who knows.... I imagine you can take them at different times although I am with you - how has this actually changed anything? other than we, as teachers, now have more marking to do!!!
  8. zugthebug

    zugthebug New commenter

    really want to know if I can split the short and long task over 2 days?
  9. groovyshell83

    groovyshell83 Occasional commenter

    It's crazy isn't it. When are you planning on sitting the tests?
  10. I think that it is meant to be like KS1 tests, i.e. open them when you like, administer when and how you like as long as they are under test conditions and timings etc are adhered to. Some Y2 teachers know exactly what the test is going to be and spend ages preparing the children - this is a blip year and should be treated as such...enjoy it! As I understand it, the externally marked tests will be delivered at the same time as the Reading and Maths and should be administered as such. They are a different test to the ones delivered now for schools marking internally. In the end, the test results only contribute to the overall teacher assessment so we shouldn't worry too much about the ins and outs of administering the test. What do people think will come up on the reading paper???? I think there may be some poetry...
  11. jwraft

    jwraft New commenter

    I think it has to be something to do with the olympics or the jubilee, or maybe London in general? I don't think they can ignore them, I know there was an olympic themed one a few years ago - not been poetry since 2008 though!
  12. I'd be guessing something on the Olympics since it's pretty much inescapable... possibly less so the Jubilee - I'm not marking this year though.
    And oh god memories of that turgid "Rain" poem... and Garnett and Citronella and that wretched story where nothing happened.... ewwww.
  13. groovyshell83

    groovyshell83 Occasional commenter

    I doubt they would be that kind to put something in about the olympics. It will be something random and way beyond the children's knowledge or interest like the caving one from last yealr. DULL!!!
  14. groovyshell83

    groovyshell83 Occasional commenter

    Poetry could be a good guess...
  15. jwraft

    jwraft New commenter

    Did it as a mock SAT a few weeks ago, very few got any poetry marks! Caving last year was VERY dull!
  16. Guess we all need to make sure that we use any Sunday Times' articles on either jubilee/QEII/Olympics!
  17. groovyshell83

    groovyshell83 Occasional commenter

    Sooooooo ridiculous. Who is tempted to have a look at those writing papers???!!!
  18. I didn't mind marking the caving ones as much, after the initial "eek" of the source of the article it wasn't anywhere near as bad as it first looked, with some questions having quite a lot of leeway with getting marks - but gawd the King Midas/Gold one has to rank as the one I've hated marking the most ouf of all the ones I've done... add in getting that blooming Spandau Ballet Gold song wedged in my head with every marking session I did for additional pain.
    Writing task I've hated the most - those flipping trainers... that one continues to get me cheesed off - seemed to be trying so hard to be boy-friendly that the girls got completely lost the second they'd discussed the need to make them in pink and put velcro on them (which amused me endlessly since when I was at primary school velcro shoes were absolute social outcast material), they all got completely lost and talked about their shopping trip where they got those trainers instead. Funnest one I've marked was definitely the Miptors - in terms of sheer "I want whatever that child's had for breakfast" levels of randomness - I ended up sitting crying with laughter at some of the stuff they came out with!
  19. sallymgoodman

    sallymgoodman New commenter

    My money is on setting description for short and biography for long.
    Maybe Sebastian Coe?
  20. How come the internally marked English papers have been easier than the externally marked papers. The KS2 English spelling was a joke! Atlantis!!

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