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Pizza hut Chef Experience

Discussion in 'Primary' started by getrichquick, Aug 18, 2011.

  1. Hi

    I have heard recently that Pizza Hut do a day per year for one school in each region to have a class "chef experience" at one of their restaurants. However, when I went to the pizza hut site, I couldn't find any information on it. Does anyone know where I can find out how to put my class' name down?
    Thank you.
  2. I'm not sure, but our Y6s have been to Frankie and Bennys to do something similar so thats another option.
    On another note we had "expo chef" come in for a day in our school and it was fab - they demonstrate cooking healthy foods live using children to help and taste etc.
  3. Never been to Pizza Hut but I know Pizza Express are pretty good. Our Y2s used to go every year but it's Y5 now. They all make a pizza and bring it back to school. It's brilliant!
  4. That sounds interesting, impulce, I will look into it!
    I have a feeling, now you have said that Teacher1974, it may be Pizza Express that I was told about. I will email them in the morning.

    If anyone else knows anywhere that does this kind of thing, I'd be very grateful fro your suggestions [​IMG]

  5. Pizza express definitely do the chef for a day thing. Can't see how pizza hut could do at as all the stuff comes prepackaged.
  6. Some of our classes have been to Frankie and Benny's and also the Chiquito Mexican. Both were extremely well organised and the kids got so much out of it.
  7. I went to Pizza Express last year with my class and it was excellent. Just ring up your nearest Pizza Express to book it and they will give you all the information. I took 26 children and it lasted the morning (when the restaurant is shut to customers). The children are given aprons and hats and get to shape and throw their own pizza base and then add toppings of their choice. Their pizzas are then cooked by the staff and the children get to eat them at the tables and are provided with a drink as well. The kids loved it. Best of all it is free!!
  8. This sounds brilliant - is there limited availability? Id love for my class to do this
  9. I went to Pizza Express with a class of 30 near the beginning of this school year.
    They made everything bar the dough and the sliced toppings from scratch, and had a short tour behind the counter in small groups.
    They all seemed to enjoy the morning out of school, and the short train ride back. They all also got a certificate at the end, although I'm sure most of those ended up in a hedge on the way home.
  10. I took my Brownies to Dominos a few years ago - just rang them and they let us all come and make pizza for free!

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