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Pirates topic

Discussion in 'Primary' started by kutly, Dec 23, 2009.

  1. Hi, I was just wondering if anyone had done a topic on pirates using a storyline appoach where the topic is guided by the childrens' dialogue with an imaginary character. Sorry if I'm explaining the obvious but storyline is a Scottish term.
    I was looking for ideas for my imaginary character. I was going to communicate through a message in a bottle left in the water tray but I'm not sure of the best character to use. Also if anyone has plans for a pirate project I'd love a copy.

    Thanks K
  2. susbo

    susbo New commenter

    I did something similar a little while ago. We used Peter Pan as our character and mysteriously over night he disappeared. There was a bottle in our water tray from captain Hook. The children wrote back to him and so began a week of messages. Photos were taken of PP tied to allsorts of things! Tinkerbell got involved (much to my cleaners delight) and she frequently flew in (overnight) and left a trail of fairy dust - glitter. She also left us minute fairy sized messages! Each day took care of itself as it depended what the children wanted to write as to the reply they found the next day. On the Friday lunch time PP returned. The boys made pirate hats, the girls Tinker-tiaras. On a builders tray we had sand, water and pirate boats. I bought some small pirate characters from a party shop! We used those coloured glass pebbles as jewels for counting; I think I used this opportunity to introduce money ... gold coins. I did get hold of some large plastic gold coins from the party shop too. Hook accidently left things like this lying around. Having made biscuits we iced an eye, an eye patch, nose and mouth, I painted ping pong balls black to represent cannon balls and we did some cannon ball maths - addition/subtraction. We designed pirate flags, talked like pirates (I think I googled 'talk like a pirate'), sang pirate songs. On templates the children coloured either a pirate of a mermaid which were laminated and then cut up to make jigsaws. I have looked for my planning but can't put my hands on it - can't remember which term or week we did it in - if I find it I'll get back to you. Hope the above will give you a start.
  3. Thanks susbo, I never thought about peter pan and captain hook. That's got me thinking.

    Thanks again K x
  4. Any body know the words for i'm a little pirate to tune of I'm alittle teapot. Did this last year but have lost the lyrics!!
  5. marlin

    marlin Star commenter

    Are these the words?
    I’m a little pirate, short and fat.
    Here is my eye-patch, here is my hat.
    When I pull the plug, the boat it sank,
    That’s why they made me walk the plank!

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