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Pirates and princesses ideas

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by mel9285, Sep 15, 2012.

  1. My chl on their first two settling in weeks have really gone off with being pirates and princesses can anyone give any inspiration on this? Obviously I can think of digging for treasure, maps etc anything else? Thanks in advance
  2. pirate mark making kit? - pirate lunch box (Sainsburys) or just a tupperware tub with a pirate-ish picture sticky-backed onto it, a patch, a pirate hat (toy r us), skull/crossbones writing paper, laminated maps, compass, pencils/pens...

    metal detecting (coins in sand)

    treasure/scavenger hunt following clues

    fill a tiny wooden chest (QD) with PSED 'treasure' quotes to remind us of how to be good friends/shipmates

    boats - water area...

    Castle role play area

    pirate small world play -

    making boats - junk modelling

    there's a really great lego pirate video clip (silent movie style) that really highlights the 'goodie' and 'baddie' colours and musical accompaniments.

    money - £1 coins thrown in sand tray or water tray for 1-2-1 counting

    mark making kit - as above...pink/shiny/pearl bits and pieces...a crown to wear while you mark make

    make crowns

    build a palace/carriage - construction

    treasure - materials (metal goblets, cold coins, gem stones...)

    make a royal scroll...mark making, castle role play area

    castle small world play

    jewels for 1-2-1 counting
  3. Anonymous

    Anonymous New commenter

    *nutella faints at this cornucopia of delights*
  4. Wow thank you! I better go shopping love the idea of pirate mark making kits!

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